Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Congrats are in order ....

Congrats are in order for the two newest members of our Majority House Caucus.

Roxann Robinson and Tony Wilt easily dismantled their Democratic opposition in yesterday's Special Election.

Delegate-Elect Robinson won in a 44 point landslide and Delegate-Elect Wilt garnered more than 65% of the vote against a very well funded opponent.

Congrats to both and we are excited to work with you in the coming session.

Monday, June 7, 2010

McDonnell Bringing More Business to Virginia

Virginia is aiming to bring in foreign trade offices from locations such as London and Shanghai. State economic-development officials have begun work on creating foreign outposts in order to lure international business to the Commonwealth.

International investment has increased over the past few years, and while Virginia has been slow to take advantage of that in the past, Gov. McDonnell's administration is working on changing that. Gov. McDonnell will be using part of the $1.5 million that he secured in the 2010 General Assembly session to add foreign marketing presence, and hopefully more jobs as well.

China has been the main target, according the the administration. This is just another example of Gov. McDonnell working to make Virginia a more profitable state, and creating more jobs. Follow this link to read more about the project.