Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UPDATED: Tim Kaine needs to clean up his mess!!!!!

Since he created this consitutional mess, why has Gov. Tim Kaine not provided a transportation plan for Virginia....

What is he waiting for????

Can't he get agreement among the Democrats???

Or, is it because he is too busy with his true passion........ (see below)....

What's Moran Afraid Of??

An interesting article in the Mount Vernon Gazette from last week is inquiring the same thing I am...

What is Moran waiting for?

Since Moran already has "Moran for Governor" bumper stickers, created a PAC, and has been traveling all over the state campaigning with his "top notch" campaign team ... it seems quite odd that he has yet to make his announcement.

Could it be that he is somewhat afraid of the Creigh Deeds camp and be unsure if he even has a real shot at the Governor's Mansion?

On the Campaign Trail

By Michael Lee Pope
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What’s the Holdup? Everybody knows that Del. Brian Moran (D-46) is a candidate for governor, and bumper stickers for his gubernatorial campaign have already been affixed to cars across Alexandria. Yet the House Democratic caucus chairman hasn’t announced — unlike his Democratic opponent in the race Sen. Creigh Deeds (D-25), who threw his hat into the ring last year. Nevertheless, Moran has traveling through the state, building a political action committee and hiring top-notch campaign staffers to lead his eminent campaign.

So what’s the holdup?

Proto-campaign officials say that Moran did not want to overshadow the General Assembly session, which could extend well into the summer. Another concern for Moran is the potential for overshadowing Gov. Tim Kaine, who is limited to one four-year term under Virginia’s constitution. An announcement could come as early as late June, possibly in Alexandria.

"He can’t run on the Kaine legacy if he doesn’t help make it happen first," said campaign spokesman Jesse Ferguson during a weekend fundraiser at T.C. Williams High School.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

E.T. to Tim Kaine....."Phone Home"

Governor Tim Kaine is more interested in promoting his bid for Vice President than working on issues important to TRANSPORTATION.

The transportation bill that passed the House (64-34) and the Senate (21-18) on February 24, 2007 was constitutional.......until you messed it up!

Hey Tim.......where is your bill fixing this transportation mess that you and Fairfax County Chairman Jerry Connolly created??

Is Barack Obama helping you draft it? Is that why you are spending so much time in the Keystone State instead of the Old Dominion?

Why don't you forget Pennsylvania, forget your dreams of the White House, and remember the Virginians who are stuck in traffic and waiting for your transportation bill?

E.T. to Tim Kaine....."Phone Home"

Saturday, April 19, 2008 (AP)
Kaine plans to stump for Obama today at rallies in Pennsylvania

RICHMOND -- Gov. Tim Kaine will spend today in Pennsylvania campaigning for his presidential choice, Barack Obama.

Kaine will headline two get-out-the-vote rallies this morning in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton heading into Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary showdown between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Virginia Democrat was among the first governors to endorse the Illinois senator in early 2007.

Kaine is among those mentioned by pundits as a possible running mate for Obama should he win the Democratic nomination.

Kaine has said repeatedly that he intends to serve out his term, which ends in January 2010, but has not flatly ruled out a spot on the ticket.
-- Associated Press

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kaine's State Wide Tax Proposal Receives "NO COMMENT" From Democratic House Leaders

As Governor Tim Kaine announced his request of a statewide tax increase – which almost doubles the gas tax -  here are quotes from his own Democrat House Members showing either their underwhelming support for doubling the gas tax or their fear of telling the voters that they support doubling the gas tax:

Del. Brian Moran - Democrat Caucus Leader and Candidate for Governor
“Del. Brian J. Moran (D-Alexandria) said House Democrats are "assessing the need and evaluating the options."
Wash Post 4/3

Delegate Ward Armstrong - Democrat Minority Leader.
"I'm not the one that says, 'Not no, but hell no,' on all of this stuff," Armstrong said. "I'm convinced that we need additional revenue in order to support new construction. Just how we do it -- I'm not committed to a particular plan or proposal yet."
Roanoke Times  4/3

The way I see it, these guys are chicken.  They talk quite a big game, but do Ward Armstrong's constituents support a 15 cent gas tax increase when their “rush hour” traffic is non existent? 

Does Brian Moran think he can win a Governor's race with a 15 cent gas tax increase on his brochure?

Which one is it Gentlemen?  Do you support a gas tax increase or other statewide tax increase?  If you do, then stand up like a man and tell us your position.  If you don't, then tell the Governor to drop his proposal for a statewide tax increase.