Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tim Kaine's New Ad: Fluffy, and Without Substance

Tim Kaine's campaign has come out with a brand new ad. The 30-second spot shows Kaine reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with a classroom full of school children (interesting since Kaine cut education) and admonishing Virginia to be "indivisible".

Come on. Tim Kaine has been a wholesaler of the DNC's pre-packaged and irresponsible policies, and Blue Virginia has been a wholesaler of Kaine. "Indivisible" is not a word that I would expect either of these hyper-partisans to be too familiar with.

Let's not start a vendetta on teamwork. Working together is never a bad idea in and of itself. But is Tim Kaine (former DNC Chairman, current Obama Campaign talking-head) really the person to be lecturing Virginia about it? Tim Kaine supports Defense cuts that would divide over 200,000 Virginians from their jobs. 

When it comes to Virginia's financial future, look at the record. Tim's crucial 2010-2012 Budget proposal met with an indivisible 97-0 "Nay" in the House of Delegates. If Mr. Kaine is so bi-partisan, then why is there no lack bi-partisan support against him?

VA GOP Caucus

New Epidemic in the Fourth Estate, Benghazi-phobia?

This morning's news ticker on many of the generic news-board homepages of America blink across a number of titles. Tebow could get traded to the Jaguars, Disney will be putting out new Star Wars films, and Octo-mom could go to rehab; all of these languish on's rotating spin-wheel of pop-pieces.

The real story is what is not listed. Several American lives were lost on foreign soil with no hope of aid. Is there nothing for anyone to explain? It has been weeks since September 11, when the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya was the subject of a deadly attack. Hardly a word of explanation has been uttered to the American people. The mainstream media has simply glossed it over and moved on. But this story is a sleeping giant; there are obvious inconsistencies in the narrative of the administration and their response.

If there was a US drone (or two) diverted to fly over the site of the riots, why would Secretary Panetta imply that he dealt with a lack of real-time information? If Ambassador Stephens had asked just weeks earlier to keep his 16-man security team for fears of just such an attack, why was security at its weakest? If emails and calls sent during the attack show that even the personnel inside the consulate knew this was no protest gone-astray, why would President Obama initially pin the blame to a YouTube video? 

If all of these facts don't add up (and they don't), why has the Fourth Estate not turned their hawk-eyes to the tragedy instead of NBC's Wednesday night line-up? How, when we have lost servants of our society on foreign soil who had no hope of aid, are we not eager to ask questions? How, in the face of a President who seems to be in no hurry to explain his blatant mis-handling of a foreign tragedy, do journalists nation-wide not cry for accountability? Why is no one handling this other than Fox News?

Why? Volume and bias.

According to Jonah Goldberg's story for the New York Post, "I don’t think there’s a conspiracy at work. Rather, I think journalists tend to act on their instincts. And, collectively, the mainstream media’s instincts run liberal."

The mainstream media is sitting in the journalistic equivalent of Willy Wonka's factory at the moment. They are reporting an election, an upheaval of a football season, a super-storm, and the list goes on. Maybe Benghazi got covered up, not by intent, but by intuitive bias.

But with so many questions surrounding the cause, the intent, the response, and the explanation of the Obama Administration, is this a story that the media's inherent bias should be allowed to sweep under the rugIs such an inherent bias even acceptable in the world's supposed leading proponent of objective reporting?

VA GOP Caucus

Friday, October 26, 2012

Voter Suppression in Chicago?

A horrible crime has taken place. Right here in the U.S. of A., in Illinois, voter suppression-style ID laws are being used to keep down the vote. These racist pollsters had the gall to ask this African-American (pictured below) early voter to show his identification to cast his ballot.

Delegates Morrissey and McClellan! Where are you to crusade?! 

(Picture credit: USA Today, MANDEL, NGAN, AFP/Getty Images)

President Obama quipped to pollsters about the suspicious lack of gray hair in the driver's license he showed to Chicago electoral workers. Democratic efforts to offset their disadvantage on Election Day by urging early voting and absentee ballots have been in full swing. President Obama himself tweeted his supporters to "join me".

While all across the nation, blue-staters decry the unfair "vote suppressing" that follows voter identification laws; in Illinois, the greatest among them had no problem whatsoever presenting his, as required by law, to vote early.

Recent developments in Virginia as well as other locales across the nation have led many to believe that Democratic poll tampering is a real risk in this election. Does that have something to do with the deafening silence that we are hearing from the usual proponents of the absurd idea of "voter suppression"?

VA GOP Caucus

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moran-gate: Defrauding For Dad

While election season is in full swing in the Commonwealth, there are some who would defraud Virginia's voters. Jim Moran's campaign has come under serious scrutiny concerning just such a crime. His own son, Patrick, is seen in the video below explaining in detail how to rig the election for his father.

"This couldn't be," you may say. "Not such a scrutinized individual in such a well-publicized campaign" you may say. There are certainly political jackals waiting in the wings to upset the voting records; but such a blatant attempt by the son of a prominent Democratic Congressman is completely unthinkable, right?

NOPE. Patrick Moran has been caught trying to steal votes for the Democratic side of the aisle by facilitating the "legitimate efforts" of an objective reporter. This is the SON OF AN ELEVEN TERM CONGRESSMAN teaching this videographer how to precisely and thoroughly execute voter fraud. Patrick has worked on many of his father's campaigns by now.

If there were no other evidence of voter fraud in Virginia, that would be one thing. But, the fact is that there have been documented instances of tampering with the polls here in the Commonwealth. This particular piece of evidence comes from Project Veritas.


The fact is proven in the video that there is a real dilemma here in Virginia, a dilemma of Democratic poll tampering. Patrick Moran has very clearly tried to change Virginia's votes. What is to be done? Tampering with polls in Virginia clearly undermines the integrity of our electoral process.

Today's Washington Post even includes a soft, defending article showcasing the loving words of Patrick's uncle Brian Moran, the state Democratic Party chairman.

“Patrick Moran is my nephew and a good kid,” Brian Moran said in a statement. “He has taken responsibility and has stepped down from the Moran campaign. The Democratic Party of Virginia is an organization that stands for free and open participation in our elections and we oppose even the appearance of any effort to undermine those values.”

That does not make it okay. I hope that Senator McEachin has already asked the Attorney General to investigate this. The kind of tactics that these Democratic campaigners are willing to stoop to is clearly unacceptable to Virginia. There is no end to the tactics that such people will go to to win a political race. Have a look at the video below, maybe the facts will crystallize themselves.

Voter fraud is no joking matter. It has been attempted in many states, Virginia included it seems. DO NOT let our electoral process be hijacked by unscrupulous politicians seeking unjust gain ever again. The problem is endemic, the cure is simple. Let us be governed by a fair and integral electoral process, not a politician's son's idea of "fair".

VA GOP Caucus

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fairfax County is in Sequestration Cross-hairs

Though the massive Federal spending cuts known as sequestration are set to start in January, one of Virginia's most prominent counties is already feeling the depressing effects. Fairfax County, in the shadow of the Capital Beltway, is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. Yet they stand poised to take a hard hit when Federal contracts start to dry up.

The county, in such proximity with Washington, is tied to Federal contracting in a big way.  Many Federal employees (whose careers are on the line in this dilemma) and their families call Fairfax home. Fairfax County only gets 1% of its general fund money from Federal contracts, but business in the area is tied up inextricably in Federal procurement. When the subcontractors and other smaller industry tied to Federal research and development feel the hit from these huge cuts, they will be in no position to respond to the kind of adversity they will go through.

The actual numbers are staggering. Fairfax accounted for a total of 26 Billion dollars-worth of Federal contract money in 2011 alone; thats more than any other locality in America. Economist Stephen Fuller, of George Mason University, warns that if these massive impending cuts are allowed to go through that Fairfax alone could lose 86,000 jobs.

For just one county in our Commonwealth to suffer on that scale is unthinkable. The backlash on Virginia as a whole would be worse even still. The effects of these cuts are being felt even before they are put into effect. Businesses are holding off on expanding, there is lower consumer confidence, and some businesses are already taking precautionary cuts hoping to avoid having to ostensibly shut their doors.

We need common-sense leadership in our Congress, able to reach out to constituents and reach across the aisle as well to come to some agreement to avert this catastrophic "cliff" that we, along with Fairfax County, are about to fall off. The alternative is by no means acceptable.

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Less Horses and Bayonets? Less Jobs in Virginia

Last night's third and final presidential debate left this morning's news cycles abuzz. Each news provider has chosen their particular winner and explained why; but by-and-large there were no huge gains or hidden pitfalls evident. Whereas President Obama relied on sarcastic barbs and attacks, Mitt Romney held his ground with dignity and portrayed himself as an attractive alternative to Obama(rather than the warmonger that the President's campaign has painted him as.)

Romney did strike one of the most valid points of recent weeks in the debate; calling out the Obama campaign on its mudslinging, and its very spin-heavy attack ad schedule. "Attacking me is not an agenda."

There was, however, a part of the debate that directly affected us here in the Commonwealth. Mitt Romney pointed out the valid fact that our navy is in a dire state. Mr. Romney cited that we have less ships now than at any time since 1917. This report confirms Romney's claims. Obama jabbed back something sarcastic and off-topic about bayonets, and the debate moved on.

But wait. Here in Virginia, we have the largest naval base in the world on our coastline. That base employs thousands of Virginia's military employees. The cuts that Barack Obama will allow to our military will hit Virginia hard and there will be no way to turn that hit aside with a witty remark. The President has seriously misstepped here when it comes to one of the most influential and contested swing-states in the Union. Us.

Looking out for Virginian jobs, Mr. President? What about the 12,000 men and women employed right there in Norfolk? 

Governor McDonnell has stated on Facebook similarly just this morning that:
"President Obama's dismissive comments about the Navy tonight should be concerning for any voter who cares about the safety and security of Americans at home and abroad. President Obama has not only ignored these concerns -- but his flippant comment about 'horses and bayonets' was an insult to every sailor who has put his or her life on the line for our country."
Governor McDonnell is right. President Obama must have a very droll debate coach, but a quick comeback in a debate is not the same as a comeback in the economy and in the world. Mr. Romney has laid out his plan to support the Navy, and thereby Virginia jobs. President Obama has openly announced these cuts that would directly threaten those same jobs. The facts are there, and witty or not, Barack Obama is not the man to represent Virginia's military families.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tim Kaine's Tap Dancing "Leadership" Isn't Right for Virginia

The final debate between former Governor George Allen and former Governor Tim Kaine was crucial and telling. One of the starkest contrasts between the two candidates was on the subject of micro-unions. The full question is below, but the responses were more interesting.

"The National Labor Relations Board has recently made several decisions that would allow labor unions to form smaller bargaining units than what was allowed previously.  Do you agree with the NLRB position of allowing these smaller bargaining units, sometimes referred to as ‘micro-unions’?"

Tim Kaine did his usual non-answering dance around the question, because he has not been a friend to Virginia's business community. Kaine does not even get past his generalities until about 30 seconds from the end of this video. From then on he proceeds to take a very hazy stance, if any at all, on the issue of micro-unions or the NLRB. We don't need generalities in the Senate, and we certainly don't need someone who is either confused about what they believe, or is too embarrassed to tell Virginia what those beliefs are.

Governor Allen on the other hand, took a stand in his response. He supports small business and the fact that Virginia is a right-to-work state. He understands what is needed to improve Virginia's and America's small business climate and it is clear from his response that he is interested in doing it the fair way; the Virginia way.  We know that George Allen will stand up to bullying unions and strangling regulations. In the video below, he states his position very clearly and eloquently. That honesty and concern for business may have helped him recently receive the endorsement of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Del. Comstock Calls MSNBC the Way She Sees It

Yesterday while speaking on behalf of the Romney Campaign, Virginia's own Barbara Comstock made a bold stand and pointed out hypocrisy where she saw it. While discussing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, Ms. Comstock pointed out that MSNBC itself does not pay its female employees equally.  What's more, Andrea Mitchell agreed on air that this was a factual statement.

Since MSNBC does not even pretend to be an objective media source, pointing out their inequal practices is a particularly poignant point when heard over their squawking and attacks on Governor Romney. Womens' equality is a very serious issue facing America, and MSNBC should not be able to simply ignore its own duplicity for political gain.

In an article done for Mediaite describing the issue, MSNBC tweets their outrage back but unsurprisingly avoids actually answering the question of equal pay for its female employees.

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Voices Without a Vote: Insight from Young Americans

These young Americans have their eye on our civil liberties. They also happen to take a very poignant quotation from one of the great leaders of our time, as well.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."
                                                -Ronald Reagan

From the mouths of babes, as has often been said, fly pearls of wisdom. I hope that anyone watching will share this video with their family and friends. This election is coming down to the wire and this video is the kind of honest, passionate communicating that America needs.

VA GOP Caucus

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Business Responds to Obamacare's 29-Hour Threat

Barack Obama is happy to talk about the intention of his landmark legislation, but seems a lot more reticent to discuss the implication. Adding millions of new forced insurance policies that businesses have not budgeted and cannot afford, Obamacare is poised to hit America's middle and lower classes.

Darden Restaurants, an Orlando-based company representing a wide array of restaurants from Olive Garden to Red Lobster, is in the midst of a disconcerting experiment. They are taking 4 of their home markets and cutting their employees' hours to 29 or below. Why?

The Affordable Care Act. 

Obamacare dictates any business employing a worker for 30 or more hours a week must either provide healthcare or else. With no plan, no money, and only more regulation coming down the pipes from the Federal Government, companies are being forced to make difficult choices when it comes to that 29 hour line.

We saw this coming. When this kind of cost and regulation is imposed on businesses that are already hard-hit by the economic mess we are in, the only recourse is to cut, slash, shrink, or close your doors. That means less jobs, lower wages, and less capital for those businesses to expand our economy.

The price of one worker that must turn to a healthcare exchange as a result of Obamacare, is a $3,000 fine. Put that into the scope of Darden's almost 2,000 restaurants nationwide, and business in America is going to have some SERIOUS work to do or bills to pay in the future. This kind of forceful regulation will not only hit big companies, my friends. Small businesses are even LESS able to afford this kind of financial burden.

When a business as large as Darden gets really into this nightmare of a pass at healthcare reform, the fact becomes clear that there is no way to keep costs down as far as they need to be. These problems will migrate up the coast to Virginia as well, folks. Our small business community sits in the crosshairs of these regulations.

Full story available here

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Fiscal Cliff"-hanger for 90% of Americans

Photo Credit to PA Pundits - International

On January 2nd, many sleepy eyed middle class families in America will not see only the Sun rise, but their taxes as well. This hike isn't going to be some inconsequential few pennies, either. The average household is going in the hole for $3,500.

This action is known as "The Fiscal Cliff". Not the most heartening moniker, but that will be the day that many tax cuts, including those that took place under George W. Bush, will expire, forcing higher tax rates on middle class families in both income and capital gains.

President Obama is in a staring contest with Congress, and with the American populous. Should all of these provisions expire, and on January 2nd, 2013 they will, the total extra money owed to the Federal government would come to $536 billion. These findings come from the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

For all of the rhetoric about this administration "protecting" the middle class, they are about to stick their hands deep in their pockets. Tax rates are going to rise across the board, hitting low earners and high earners. Some Americans could see their after-tax income cut by as much as 10 percent.

Barack Obama has to realize that he is not a Washington Redskin, and that he cannot just keep punting America's problems down the field. This problem is looming and it is serious, the time has come to stop stalling, Mr. President.

VA GOP Caucus

Monday, October 1, 2012

SNL's Obama: A Cute Illustration of an Acute Problem

This past Saturday, the popular skit show Saturday Night Live, long known for their comedy gold during Presidential elections, performed a mock-up rally for Barack Obama (played by Jay Pharoah) in Ohio. The skit was a riot, mainly covering "Barack" trying to defend his handling of the economy.

Confronted with an audience badly hit by the economy, the "President" just could not find a beneficiary of his administration anywhere. Heck, the only excited man at the rally seems to be a drug dealer (played by Bill Hader).

The video is embedded below. 

Without ruining some of the better lines, the writers did strike a chord and, while funny, many of the jabs ring close to the truth. While desperate to scan his "crowd" for someone, anyone, whose job was created during his term, "Barack" stumbles on actor Keenan Thompson playing an Ohioan. Thompson proudly offers that he now "chase[s] raccoons out of foreclosed houses."

Though the skit is funny, unfortunately the jokes pretty much write themselves looking around Obama's America today. Wading through months of the highest unemployment rate in decades, dragging a heavy healthcare bill that we haven't even begun to implement, Obama has a lot to answer to the American people for; and we are not laughing.

Judging by his dismal performance at clipping unemployment, viewers couldn't have been surprised to hear "Barack" share his economic secret... He runs the nation like the movie 6th Sense; "I see employed people"..."One day you'll all be Bruce Willis and realize you were employed the whole time".

Problem is, at the end of this real four year farce, there is no "Applause" button for the real Barack to press.

Have a look; the skit is hilarious.