Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cheap Tents & Glass Houses

We knew it was coming. When we launched this blog, we knew the Dems would fold like a cheap tent. Granted, it took longer than we thought it would. But now our little blog has apparently touched a nerve with those on the left, as evidenced by our counterpart’s blog linked to this post by Waldo. Check it out.

Perhaps the Dems have forgotten about the countless liberal blogs (including Assembly Access) that do exactly what they claim our blog is doing. Perhaps they’ve forgotten that dirty politics has been the name of the Democrats’ game in recent years.

No, they haven’t forgotten. The bottom line is that Democrats want to throw dirt on everyone else, but they don’t like it when they’re held accountable. Our friends on the other side should pay heed to the old adage that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

So, we look forward to friendly competition, and we hope our small contribution to the blogosphere doesn’t upset too many on the left. After all, Virginia Democrats invented gotcha politics. They wrote the book on how to make the other party look bad; now they’re whining because we read it.


Anonymous said...

What happened to your Feb 12 article on how smart you were in getting Gene Nichol to resign. Too much heat for your foolhardy action. It's not in the archive nor can it be found with your search engine. Just like Watergate - even tried to pay him to cover up your misdeeds

Anonymous said...

Gotcha politics? How about the Va GOP starting a blog regarding how victorious conservatives were due to the resignation of W&M's President Gene Nichols, only to pull the blog when you don't like what you read?! Behind-the-door politics have no place in PUBLIC colleges, and if nothing else comes out of Nichols' resignation, due to pressure from the Priviledges Committee on various W&M Board of Visitors, hopefully one result will be the absolute airing of closed-door politics, hush money (yes, Gene Nichols was offered money by W&M's BOV President to keep his mouth shut!), and the clear and constant understanding that conservatives try to manipulate public funds through our public universities. Hurray to the W&M students and faculty who now understand "gotcha politics"...the Va. GOP wins the award...and it's nothing to proud of folks.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you" to all for resurfacing the Va GOP Nichols strand...pass it on...wished we'd saved the initial Del. Cole comments and started a new one that couldn't be censured. Hmm...anyone have his initial comments?

Harry Landers said...

I'd be interested in knowing why your blog entries are unsigned. How are readers to know just who is accountable for your views? Are all members of the GOP caucus accepting responsibility for all items?

Anonymous said...

While this blog outright criticizes and attacks the other side, Assembly Access simply points out some of the situations that happen that would otherwise go unnoticed by the general public.

This site is a disgrace to the Republican Party, yet I don't think it would surprise most people. It is pathetic that previous entries have been deleted - how's that for a cheap tent?

Anonymous said...

Harry, we must assume that you are not of the blogger generation...please note that blog entries are not necessarily the view of the organization who originated the blog site; rather it is established to welcome comment from bloggers on various topics (sometimes called strands). What you may be experiencing are frustrations associated with a deleted blog related to Del. Cole's comments earlier today.

Here's a question: if a blog site only allows select comments, and covers up others, what kind of blog is it?

Answer: a Republican blog!

Waldo said...

I'm a bit puzzled. I'd raised some very specific points in my blog entry, to which you link, but you have failed to address a single one of them. Really, the only question that matters is this one:

How does the House Republican caucus justify their refusal to providing video of the House's proceedings while simultaneously cherry-picking video to display on this very blog? Del. Morgan Griffith has argued passionately against providing video, and this very blog would appear to disprove every one of his points.

Could you explain this fundamental disconnect?

Harry Landers said...

please note that blog entries are not necessarily the view of the organization who originated the blog site

So, the question remains, whose views are these? You seem to be saying that your blog entries do not represent the views of the Republican caucus. Is it asking too much for readers to know just whose views we are reading? I'm happy to sign my name to my public comments. Why wouldn't you do the same?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it suck to be named "Harry?" What was Letterman thinking?

Waldo said...

I wonder whether comments by "Anonymous" that support the anonymous blog entries on this website are by the same anonymous person, or by a different anonymous person entirely. How would we know?

I likewise wonder how beastly one's first name would have to be that one would be forced to post anonymously such a criticism as the prior commenter's.

Harry Landers said...

According to family lore, my parents wanted to name me "Anonymous", but decided on Harry, because it was easier to spell.

Are we now to understand that the Virginia GOP caucus is opposed to the name "Harry"? Somebody might want to run that by Delegate Purkey first.

I'm Not Emeril said...

Waldo said;
"....while simultaneously cherry-picking video to display on this very blog?"

What is to keep Assembly Access from posting video of ALL House proceedings? What keeps Waldo from starting a website that does the same?

As to anonymous blogging, it's a fact of life that we all accept. I know Waldo, but I've never seen his ID. I've never met Harry, how do I know he's not another personality of Waldo's?

Harry Landers said...

As to anonymous blogging, it's a fact of life that we all accept.

Ah, but that's where you're wrong. We don't all accept it.

In any case, what's different here is that this blog is identifying itself with the House GOP caucus. It seems to me that either an individual blogger should take responsibility for his/her writings or the reader is entitled to assume that the blogger speaks for all members of the caucus.

Waldo said...

"What is to keep Assembly Access from posting video of ALL House proceedings? What keeps Waldo from starting a website that does the same?"

It's an enormously complex undertaking when divorced from the very broadcast and recording mechanisms used by the House itself to store its own video. Are you as an individual capable of recording everything shown on CSPAN and putting it on a webpage? Perhaps. But it would be a far, far simpler for CSPAN to do it themselves. As, in fact, they were pressured to do a couple of years ago, under very similar circumstances.

Crystal Clear Conservative said...

Come on now! Why is it that Democrats find the need to point the finger and accuse? Gee, the writer of the blog does not need to identify themselves in this manner. Clearly, when there is competition, democrats seem to back away from confrontation because they do not want their corrupt ways in the spotlight.

I am glad that the VA GOP Caucus came out with a blog that informs us of their ideas to improve the quality of life in our Commonwealth. They are showing that they are pro-family, pro-life, pro-business and not afraid to be held accountable for their actions. So much for the Democrats?

RightsideVA said...

Crystal Clear makes a good point when he said:

"Clearly, when there is competition, democrats seem to back away from confrontation because they do not want their corrupt ways in the spotlight".

The GOP is a welcome site to link to and show our more "Liberal" friends exactly what their "Progressive" electeds are doing in Richmond and how. I have already sent several friends to see video of the Democrats actions on the floor as compared to what they were told or heard what happened.

I believe some are not happy with seeing their actions broadcasted in the "Sunlight" of day for the tables have been turned. Turn on the "Lights" and watch them scatter...This tactic, media, or technique of showing the Party's actual actions has been the claim of the Dems every since they shadowed George Allen looking for dirt. I wonder what could have been recorded of Jim Webb during his campaign or even now in the halls of Congress? Perfect Choir boy I think not... I would love to have had video footage of the local "Progressives" at their antiwar rally's to show the public their real actions and intentions as compared to what was reported by their favorite local newspaper...

Look at Mike Stark when he had people actually video his every move at the airport. He slipped, showed his ugly side, and it was presented to the public to view.

Politics has evolved to a point where you must believe that the camera is always on, the Mike is always open, and your competition is always looking\listening for a slip or tidbit to spin with. The GOP site has not and probably will not slip to the level of the "Progressives" tactic's in search for dirt. They have provided a media source for the public to view the actual tactics, actions, and "B.S." that the Democratic Delegates have used on the floor for some time now...


Waldo said...

I'm so glad to see that the last two commenters, both self-described conservatives, agree with me (and the House Democratic Caucus) that it's essential to provide a full video feed of sessions. Surely everybody (other than House Republicans) can agree that open government is unquestionably essential to democracy.

I cannot help but notice that this blog's anonymous host is yet to provide any explanation for how this blog is founded on anything other than hypocrisy. Perhaps some time is required to put together a detailed response?

Crystal Clear Conservative said...

Whoa, Waldo! I never said that I agreed with you on video feeding what happens on the floor of the House. You are putting words in my mouth, and I do not appreciate that. Instead, the Republicans are concerned about focusing on what is important for the continued prosperity of the Commonwealth. What about the Democrats? The last video feed I saw was Del. Spruill talking about an unnecessary bill banning truck testicles.

Jack Russell said...

Egads! I find myself in agreement with "Crystal Clear Conservative!"

I, too, think that Del. Spruill's bill to ban testicles is waaaay unnecessary. Who needs more government intervention when all those who post as "Anonymous" have already surrendered their stones voluntarily?

Anonymous said...

The Virginia GOP caucus shows how little it really cares for the truth by removing the February 12th posting crowing over the resignation of Gene Nichol. The original blog entry on Feb 12 read:

"President Nichol decided to resign from the College of William & Mary, effective immediately.
This is a great victory for Conservatives around the state, and a special THANKS needs to be made to Delegate Mark Cole, the Privileges and Elections Committee, and the entire Republican caucus."

Are you afraid to include that entry in your blog Archive because you don't want to embarrass the W&M Board of Visitors, whom you railroaded into canning Nichol, despite their non-credible claims that politics had nothing to do with their decision. You should be ashamed. I note that the Google cache snapshot of this blog entry also seems to have mysteriously disappeared since last week. Clearly, someone seems to have ordered a coverup....

Crystal Clear Conservative said... a man (or woman) and post your name behind the comment. By the way, Gene Nichol was a disgrace as William and Mary President. First, does banning the cross from the Wren Chapel make him a good leader?! Second, does allowing a sex workers art show make him a good leader? Absolutely not. Education is the free exchange of ideas and it is also not the marketplace for liberal indoctrination.

Jack Russell said...

Ah, that's better. No more agreement with Crystal Clear Conservative; it was like a bad dream. :-)

The cross was never banned from the Wren chapel. To characterize it as such is disingenuous. The change made by Gene Nichol was only to the "default" system of display. Instead of always on display, but subject to removal on request, the cross along with other icons was made available for placement upon request. The cross was never banned.

The Sex Workers show was held at a few other campuses around the Commonwealth too. Where is your righteous indignation about those venues or indictments of the presidents of those universities? You and your ilk have given the show way more publicity that it could ever have obtained on its own two legs.

Since the Board of Visitors at the College have stated, unequivocally, that the reasons not to renew Gene NIchol's contract were not based upon ideology, are you now implying the contrary? ; That NIchol's decisions regarding the cross and sex workers show were part and parcel of "liberal indoctrination?"

You seem to be lauding the "great victory" for Conservatives around the state, Delegate Mark Cole, the Privileges and Elections Committee, Delegate Tim Hugo (who tries to create the illusion of SuperAlumnus on the floor of the General Assembly,) and the entire Republican caucus as the force behind Nichol's departure. Sounds like ideology to me and that the group above is taking credit for making the decision happen and calling into question the BoV's official position.

You sell the fine students of William and Mary - and all other institutions around the Commonwealth - short by implying that they are unable to form their own opinions. To do so suggests that you have no independent thought and are just a victim of an overly conservative, right wing faculty at your school. Whether I disagree with your points or not, I do not think you are a victim of such environment. Why would you think that of any university student?

Crystal Clear Conservative said...

Jack Russell,

I might be a overly conservative person, but I was outraged over the assaults of liberalism attacking universities across the country. Yes, there were other universities throughout the Commonwealth that hosted the sex workers art show. It is the right to free speech that allows these shows to take place. I disagree with allowing these shows on campuses, but I realize that some students will view this stuff in their dormitories (from Al Gore's invention of the super information highway-The internet).

I went to a fairly liberal college in Maryland, and if this happened on campus, I would not sit idle. Trust me, I would have been protesting the campus activities fees being allocated to permit this on campus. My college disappointed me when they allowed the play, Vagina Monologues take place on campus. In fact, I was disgusted by the play and how the Social Work (my major) department encouraged the students to participate in the program.

So, I would appreciate it if you would look at the liberal indoctrination of crazy professors/campus events from the eyes of a recent graduate. This is what drove me further to the right in the end and this will not change. By the way, why is there a need to attack the GOP caucus for standing up to promote decency in education?