Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ward Armstrong 2.0

NO Jonathan! NOOOOOOO!!!!
Deep in Southwest Virginia, in the 6th District, the race is largely quiet. Jonathan McGrady has been safely hiding out from his opponent, Jeff Campbell, and joining the Federal-style strategy that is permeating the Dem House campaigns this year; bash the top of the ticket, try not to answer questions, or take positions that concern your district, and wait...

But Jonathan decided that he would rather go in the direction of another famous Democrat from not too long ago. A Democrat who lost convincingly, and went down calling this exact same message. In response to several requests from the Campbell campaign to stand on issues concerning the district, Jonathan chose.....
To bash the power companies! 
You have made a little league mistake, Jonathan. You are a tee baller running on an issue that the Minority Leader lost on. What do you expect to happen?! When you get that deep in the playbook, you've passed "Hail Mary" a few pages back. And history is bound to repeat itself, with this veritable vacuum of a candidate. 

Judging from what information we have dug up, Jonathan is just using the boilerplate Dem platform for the year; there is little to naught to separate him from a Dem running in Virginia Beach, or a Dem running in Herndon. Ward Armstrong may have gone down with these famous last words, but at least he was better than a cookie cutter candidate. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Day in History: New York, New York

'Twas this day in history, 2002, when the New York Times first reported rumblings of a possible campaign for their Governorship. "Some Democrats [had] spoken openly" about this man's run at the time. That man...was Terry McAuliffe.

Oh how time can change things. Now that Mr. McAuliffe is on his second bite at the apple here in Virginia, we send this message to our friends in the Empire State:

You really lucked out on that one, New York! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The "Fighting 9th" Will Soon be the "Fleeing 9th"

Deep in Virginia's mountains, in coal country lies our 9th Congressional District. The history of this area has always been regarded as a little renegade. Historically, since before the Civil War, the people of coal country have been rugged individualists, opponents of discrimination, and Republicans. Even through the ravages of Reconstruction, the party of Lincoln thrived there. Their resistance to inequality and the prevailing Democrat Byrd Machine in the early 20th Century earned them the nickname "The Fighting 9th".

New coal regulations in effect by the EPA threaten to send the Fighting 9th the same way as Detroit, Pittsburgh, and other victims of strangling regulations and empty federal promises. Today, Delegate Greg Habeeb published an excellent Op. Ed. in the Roanoke Times that hits the heart of the issue: the consequences.

Declining American manufacturing has already hit once-thriving Danville. Pittsylvania County is a living example of how far the government will follow through with their promises to turn around the area. After they eviscerated the industry that permeated nearly every facet of life there, they left in their wake some of the highest unemployment numbers and poverty numbers in the state. That was over 40 years ago, and much is the same.

Even the Fighting 9th will not come out of this uninjured, folks. Don't let Terry, the President, or anyone else convince you otherwise. This is ghost-town engineering at work, and we have the chance to fight it. Be part of the tradition.

VA GOP Caucus


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

House Dems' Little Leaguers Aren't "Taking Back" Anything

We have seen tweets, statuses, vines, messages, emails, smoke signals, and everything short of progress from Democrat House Leadership about "Taking back the House" this year. But in one of the most important areas to that end, Coach Sickles didn't even put real players on the field. From the ethically challenged to the Don Quixotes, in Hampton Roads the Dem's Little League Candidates are playing political tee-ball.

Up against Glenn Davis, ethically, Brent McKenzie shouldn't even be running. The premise of a legislative aide serving Fairfax basically abandoning his constituents for what he sees as greener pastures is...morally shaky to say the least. 

Not that Brent's chances are great to begin with. From police, to realtors, to firefighters, even the School Board that Davis and McKenzie served on together...they all chose Glenn. With only a handful of endorsements, there isn't a lot of excitement about Brett; and his top donors are Dem members (who are required to donate), unions, and Brent himself.

Bill Fleming is, in fact, his own top donor as well. He is running against Bill DeSteph. In addition to having to fund himself, Fleming suffers from image problems. When you can't even get the Virginian Pilot to say something nice about you as a Democrat, it may be time to re-assess. In their own words: 

"Fleming has shown no ability to lead on issues, to find common ground with people who disagree." And that's AFTER they call him a "Democrat gadfly". Even Bill Dale got the Pilot's endorsement.

Bill Dale may be the biggest non-starter of the year. Bill went off half-cocked so that he could run against Gary Byler. This would be the liberal crusade that Bill had been waiting to wage. Then Byler lost in the primary to Scott Taylor; and Bill got stuck tilting at wind mills, so to speak. 

When it comes to Virginians choice in how they are represented in the House, they have spoken. 

Coach, the only thing you're going to "take back" are the claims. 

VA GOP Caucus


The Anatomy of a Mistake

The ACA is a giver and taker system that depends on the young and healthy to form the backbone of the system. 

The glaring problems are that 15.9 percent of young people are out of work, and there is a nationwide "failure to launch" trend that places many in that demographic at home with their parents. The young aren't in nearly the position to carry Obama's legislation as they were to carry Barry O himself in 2012.

The projected increase in individual premiums here is one of the highest of all states at an average of 115 percent in the 24-34 demographic. That accounts for over one million Virginians, whose age and good  health make them the least of the beneficiaries. The young will then likely take the penalty, and opt out of the system rather than take a rate increase that they could never have afforded anyway.

That leaves the system with no money to digest, and grinds the giver-taker paradigm to a halt, leaving the young unprotected, companies without revenue to cover the program and reconcile the cost of joining the exchanges which was the whole premise of the thing in the first place. 

How many of those one million can afford to carry the system on their backs? Compared to the impending passing of the baby boomer generation, whatever that number turns out to be will not be enough to stifle the cost. The young can't pay it, the old can't survive it, and the system cannot abide it.

VA GOP Caucus


Monday, October 14, 2013

Dem Candidate Caught in "Pay-to-Play" Tantrums

There have been an alarming number of reports coming out of Prince William County of a particular Reed Heddleston attempting to strong-arm and threaten support out of the business and lobbying communities. Apparently, when phone calls go south with Reed, he goes nuclear on whomever happens to be on the other end, threatening to deep six the legislative priorities of any who get in his way.

You might remember a version of this trick from such greats as Heddleston's fellow Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, who attempted to sell then-Senator Obama's seat in Illinois.

Virginia Virtucon published a piece relating to this back in September, but there have been more reports of Heddleston basically threatening those who don't support his bid to replace Rich Anderson in the 51st. If you support Anderson,according to what I am hearing, you may as well pack it in, because once he moves in, you're basically 86'd from the Virginia legislature.

You're on your own if they do get elected and you weren't wearing your cheerleading outfit the whole time... Newsflash, guys. That is no way to run a government. Maybe you should look into cartels or organized crime if you're really attached to just threatening people who don't agree with you.

Heddleston has made it clear. If he makes it to Richmond, he will be leaving the pesky opinions of many of the people, and the business community on the other side of a burnt bridge. What a great way to govern...

VA GOP Caucus


Friday, October 11, 2013

Dodging Taxes from Sea to Shining Sea

Kathleen Murphy is already famous for polling her own weaknesses; weaknesses that include ethically questionable donations among other things. But one weakness in particular is really infesting her platform this year. See, Kathleen loves the idea of raising taxes to pay for a bigger government machine, but harbors a laundry list of late notices, delinquencies, and in-bad-standing letters for her own property taxes.

Ms. Murphy should probably take the log out of her own fiscal eye before it becomes part of a taxable structure. It really could cost her this time. 

From dirty profits in Colorado, to delinquent status in Staten Island, Murphy is dodging the tax man all across our great land. Maybe she should run for the legislature in the Cayman Islands, or Switzerland; you know, places designed for those kinds of practices.

The full report of Murphy's "indiscretions" can be found on a dedicated site(that's how much of it there is). It is not far from believable that Ms. Murphy also qualified as one of our Little League Candidates from a month or two ago. This is just more evidence for the pile. Rental properties nation-wide with delinquent taxes are just the big picture. If we were going micro on this, her own home has been delinquent 5 times in 8 years (2007 must have been a truly remarkable year. She actually paid on time) as near to her voters as McLean itself.

Virginia Democrats, WAKE UP!

Babysitter wanted: to watch Male, mid-50's, has a problem with rum shots and the truth, needs to be changed regularly, but the smell never goes away. 

Seriously, intelligent Democrats of Virginia must be banging their heads against the wall over this one. I mean, a lot of Dems really didn't like McAuliffe to begin with; but when a reliably liberal newspaper can't even pretend that a candidate has merit...you've lost your way.

Virginia, if you have been waiting for a sign from God...well...the Washington Post has given you one. Today Laura Vozzella chose Terry

McAuliffe's delightful, if entirely fabricated stump speech of college money-saving and helping out poor nursing students has (shocker) been proven completely false. That is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Vozzella highlights what many of McAuliffe's critics have been saying for years. That the man is a slimy, lying, snake-oil selling, scamming, embellishing, say-anything, yes man for the Democratic Party and has painstakingly cultivated the scent of bullshit around him.

Why let a silly little thing like facts get in the way of your reward for a lifetime of ignoring them in the name of money? 

Virginia, after the last few days, honestly if this has not convinced you that Fast Terry's bait-and-switch game is real, then I have some land that I want to sell you in Florida. THE WASHINGTON FREAKING POST, PEOPLE! 

The story actually contains only a few quotations from the characters of Terry's story; they didn't seem to want to be associated with the esteemed candidate. Even Josh Schwerin, McAuliffe's mouthpiece to the Post in nearly all matters, was forced into a full acknowledgement of Terry's factually-challenged antics.

VA GOP Caucus


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Businesses Move South, Big Labor Lurks Behind

In a recent article in The Hill, Kevin Bogardus outlines the plan of labor unions to infiltrate the South in a big way.

“For us, what we are doing is following where the companies have brought the work,” said Maria Somma, assistant organizing director for the United Steelworkers (USW).

See, here's the thing, Maria. Many of those businesses chose to move South to get away from the depressive effects that mass unionization brings with it.

Let's use ourselves as a model. Maryland can represent a dominantly Democrat state with a high union presence (yeah, a real stretch, I know). When taxes, unions, and bullying from Big Labor pushed business toward the point of collapse, many of these businesses did indeed move South to the Commonwealth. They brought with them jobs, prosperity, and revenue for the state through taxes(taxes that are kept at a reasonable level). If Terry McAuliffe's 14 billion dollar spending increase is allowed to happen, and the price is to be paid for it, that house of cards comes tumbling down.

When the gridlock-happy process of mass (and in some cases, forced) unionization enters a state, the productivity of these companies wanes, and the cost of doing business goes up. Southern states have long held right-to-work laws that protect the workforce from being pushed around by union bosses. Those bosses would love to get their clutches into those very same thriving workers, and think Terry McAuliffe is the way to do it.

Of course, with the scent of easy money in the air, Democrats are sure to swarm to their long-time ATM. That does not make it right, in fact it more goes to show that Dems are far more attracted to their big industry buddies and their wallets than they care about the working populous of Virginia. Terry McAuliffe doesn't care what the people of Virginia have said about how they want to handle this issue. He cares about what he has promised his Big Labor Money Tree, and

VA GOP Caucus


Cool Dems of Northern Virginia

They haven't quite put the paperwork to change it officially, but I think that we can all see the pattern that is emerging here. The speakers at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors have found a receptive audience for their inspiring hypotheticals, and misplaced anger. What a great bi-partisan organization, that for three long years has not heard one speaker to the philosophical right of Al Gore. Give that one a thought and a half.

The year before last, musings from Donna Brazile, a former Gore campaigner garnered cheers over the divided nature of the GOP. Last year Kathleen Parker, a supposed moderate tore into the GOP, it was actually central to her speech. This year, they get Daily Beast writer Paul Begala. Take a second to click that link and take in what a "bi-partisan" he is. It's kind of like Dr. Pepper's Ph.D. I mean the guy just recently headlined a fundraiser for DPVA at Terry's house.

So screw it, why pretend if you don't have to, NVAR? Change the name, "Cool Dems of Northern Virginia" just sounds so much more hip, so much more aloof, so much more...true.

VA GOP Caucus


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buyer Beware

Today Attorney General Cuccinelli delineated exactly what it is going to cost Virginians if Terry McAuliffe slithers his way into the Governor's Mansion this November. In a live conference today, Cuccinelli outlined the 14 Billion(plus) dollar price tag of Terry McAuliffe's campaign promises so far.

It's par for the course when it comes to Terry, but his particular brand of pandering will end in one of two unfortunate ways for Virginia's families; either broken promises, or a $1500+ tax increase per family over the course of his "administration"(read: patronage scheme). Please take a few moments to have a look at the numbers; they are rather alarming.

VA GOP Caucus


Monday, October 7, 2013

Congratulations to Chairman-To-Be Tom Rust

Congratulations to Delegate Tom Rust of Herndon. Today, Speaker Howell has announced that Delegate Rust will be the next chairman of the Virginia House of Delegates Transportation Committee. 

October 7, 2013
Contact: Matthew Moran
(804) 698-1228

Speaker Howell to appoint Delegate Tom Rust as Transportation Committee Chairman

RICHMOND, VA - Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William J. Howell (R-Stafford) announced Monday that he would appoint Delegate Tom Rust (R-Herndon) as Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation. Rust is the senior-most member of the Transportation Committee.

"For more than 10 years, Tom has been a leader on transportation and economic development issues here in the Commonwealth. His experience and expertise on these issues make him uniquely qualified to serve as the Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation. I look forward to formally appointing Tom as Chairman when the 2014 session of the General Assembly convenes," said Speaker Howell.

"Tom has been a tireless advocate for transportation solutions since he was first elected to the General Assembly. As Chairman of this important committee, Tom will continue to be a leader on Virginia's efforts to find 21st century solutions to our transportation challenges.

"This year's landmark transportation reform package, which Tom proudly supported, will generate over $6 billion in new revenue for transportation projects. Tom will be a key leader in the General Assembly's efforts to ensure that money is spent wisely and in a way that reduces congestion, increases safety and promotes economic development," Howell added.

As Speaker of the House of Delegates, Howell is responsible for appointing members to the various legislative committees. Howell says additional announcements will be made closer to the 2014 session.

"While I normally wait until closer to session to announce committee assignments, Tom's record of service and understanding of this issue make him uniquely qualified to serve as Chairman and I did not want to delay his important work on this issue any longer than was necessary," said Speaker Howell. "I look forward to working with Tom in the future."

# # #

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Terry's Lack of Backbone is Jeopardizing Billions

In 2009, Hampton Roads, Virginia was the point of embarkation for the majority of America's total coal exports. That means that more than half of what ODU estimates at around 97 million metric tons of coal passed through there.

Over 800 ships came just for coal, and took it to ports worldwide. Over 4,200 jobs (all over 400 miles from a Virginia coal mine) are filled to make that feat possible. Combined goods, services, and earnings from coal accounted for more than 1 Billion dollars in 2011. Every cent, second, and ounce of coal had to pass Virginian hands, at Virginian companies, manned by Virginians.

Those numbers are staggering. Coal mines in Southwest Virginia are not the only places that are affected by the EPA's new regulations; regulations that T-Mac must either not understand or the consequences of which he must be ignoring.

Terry wants to "expand exports to China", the same place that he went to buy his monstrosity of a car company. Might he owe a favor over there, perhaps? Terry, himself is no stranger to all of the lucrative gifts that a Governor can offer to his patrons. He goes over it thoroughly in his book. This is strange since China doesn't even fit in the top 12 of Virginia's already full bill of destination ports for coal. Terry's penchant for selling patronage and his love of the almighty dollar should be making Virginians nervous.

It's definitely a love/hate relationship if we are talking about any of his "businesses". Terry's forte is collecting money, like some enforcer from the Sopranos. He is far less comfortable in the business world; and for most of this election he has been trying to shoehorn himself into that identity but it just doesn't work.

Now, with his protection money, T-Mac has been paid to push coal out of Virginia; he doesn't understand that it affects more than coal miners. Thousands of workers will face unemployment, but that's just quid pro quo to Fast Terry.

VA GOP Caucus


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Terry McCalifornia Sells Out Southwest VA

"Which side do I support this week, again? Uhhhhhh"
Terry McAuliffe has officially come out in full support of the new EPA regulations on coal fired
power plants that were released two weeks ago.

It's a vain attempt to drive the far left, and Obama voters out for him(they're about as excited for a McAuliffe Administration as we are). As usual, it also has to do with money. These regulations endanger tens of thousands of Southwest Virginia blue collar jobs.

They also shore up support from billionaire environmentalist, and McAuliffe Donor, Tom Steyer. Steyer's NextGen Committee has spent upwards of a million and a half dollars trying to push this steaming pile of Washington insider into the Governor's Mansion.

How many Virginian livelihoods stack up against the far-left dinero you're getting out of Steyer, Terry? How many jobs in southwest Virginia will just be collateral damage? 

Good News: Now he can't dodge the question
Bad News: It is open season on everything he has said in and about Virginia's coal country.

 From Bristol, in May, Terry McAuliffe:

I was over at Alpha Natural Resources talking about what they need done to make sure we have a healthy work force of coal, that coal can continue," McAuliffe told reporters. "We need to make sure we do what we need to, to make sure this vital industry here in Virginia continues to grow."

I guess the unemployed can just munch on some quinoa and go surfing, then, huh? Just more of the integrity we have come to expect out of Fast Terry. I wonder if his wife calls him that?

VA GOP Caucus