Friday, October 11, 2013

Dodging Taxes from Sea to Shining Sea

Kathleen Murphy is already famous for polling her own weaknesses; weaknesses that include ethically questionable donations among other things. But one weakness in particular is really infesting her platform this year. See, Kathleen loves the idea of raising taxes to pay for a bigger government machine, but harbors a laundry list of late notices, delinquencies, and in-bad-standing letters for her own property taxes.

Ms. Murphy should probably take the log out of her own fiscal eye before it becomes part of a taxable structure. It really could cost her this time. 

From dirty profits in Colorado, to delinquent status in Staten Island, Murphy is dodging the tax man all across our great land. Maybe she should run for the legislature in the Cayman Islands, or Switzerland; you know, places designed for those kinds of practices.

The full report of Murphy's "indiscretions" can be found on a dedicated site(that's how much of it there is). It is not far from believable that Ms. Murphy also qualified as one of our Little League Candidates from a month or two ago. This is just more evidence for the pile. Rental properties nation-wide with delinquent taxes are just the big picture. If we were going micro on this, her own home has been delinquent 5 times in 8 years (2007 must have been a truly remarkable year. She actually paid on time) as near to her voters as McLean itself.

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