Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cool Dems of Northern Virginia

They haven't quite put the paperwork to change it officially, but I think that we can all see the pattern that is emerging here. The speakers at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors have found a receptive audience for their inspiring hypotheticals, and misplaced anger. What a great bi-partisan organization, that for three long years has not heard one speaker to the philosophical right of Al Gore. Give that one a thought and a half.

The year before last, musings from Donna Brazile, a former Gore campaigner garnered cheers over the divided nature of the GOP. Last year Kathleen Parker, a supposed moderate tore into the GOP, it was actually central to her speech. This year, they get Daily Beast writer Paul Begala. Take a second to click that link and take in what a "bi-partisan" he is. It's kind of like Dr. Pepper's Ph.D. I mean the guy just recently headlined a fundraiser for DPVA at Terry's house.

So screw it, why pretend if you don't have to, NVAR? Change the name, "Cool Dems of Northern Virginia" just sounds so much more hip, so much more aloof, so much more...true.

VA GOP Caucus