Thursday, October 10, 2013

Businesses Move South, Big Labor Lurks Behind

In a recent article in The Hill, Kevin Bogardus outlines the plan of labor unions to infiltrate the South in a big way.

“For us, what we are doing is following where the companies have brought the work,” said Maria Somma, assistant organizing director for the United Steelworkers (USW).

See, here's the thing, Maria. Many of those businesses chose to move South to get away from the depressive effects that mass unionization brings with it.

Let's use ourselves as a model. Maryland can represent a dominantly Democrat state with a high union presence (yeah, a real stretch, I know). When taxes, unions, and bullying from Big Labor pushed business toward the point of collapse, many of these businesses did indeed move South to the Commonwealth. They brought with them jobs, prosperity, and revenue for the state through taxes(taxes that are kept at a reasonable level). If Terry McAuliffe's 14 billion dollar spending increase is allowed to happen, and the price is to be paid for it, that house of cards comes tumbling down.

When the gridlock-happy process of mass (and in some cases, forced) unionization enters a state, the productivity of these companies wanes, and the cost of doing business goes up. Southern states have long held right-to-work laws that protect the workforce from being pushed around by union bosses. Those bosses would love to get their clutches into those very same thriving workers, and think Terry McAuliffe is the way to do it.

Of course, with the scent of easy money in the air, Democrats are sure to swarm to their long-time ATM. That does not make it right, in fact it more goes to show that Dems are far more attracted to their big industry buddies and their wallets than they care about the working populous of Virginia. Terry McAuliffe doesn't care what the people of Virginia have said about how they want to handle this issue. He cares about what he has promised his Big Labor Money Tree, and

VA GOP Caucus

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