Friday, December 20, 2013

Virginia Democrats, Watch Your Heads

The Democrats' unlikely windfall from public perception of the government shutdown may be for naught if they cannot pick up the ball on Obamacare. The botched rollout put Dems in a 9 point tailspin dive on the polling question "Would you be likely to elect a Democrat/Republican?" These numbers are going to have a far and reaching effect beyond national politics. This is going to affect the electability of Dems on the local and state levels too, as they become more and more inexorably tied to this federal debacle.

Polling graphic and results courtesy of the National Journal
If Mr. Obama cannot find some way to make the system work in the upcoming year (and he probably will not) then nationwide, his colleagues in Congress will end up paying a heavy price in the mid-term.

The rolling train wreck that this rollout represents is going to be an albatross, no doubt. 90% of states have not reached 10% of their enrollment goals. That sad number is made worse by new public coverage of "risk corridors" in Obamacare that basically act as a bailout for the insurance companies. That is only the fight in the rowboat, the real show will start as we get closer to that "Fiscal Cliff" that was trending so well.

With the ACA in full swing, and the new borrowing limit debate coming up, Dems stand to lose a lot of capital on this, AS THEY SHOULD. Turns out forcing legislation through an all blue legislature, a blue White House, and directly down the throats of the American people doesn't get you a lot of slack when it predictably goes belly up. Here's my shocked face...

That must be why Mark Warner is putting a lot of daylight between himself and the rollout.  We will keep you posted on just how far Mr. Warner backtracks. Just keep the facts in mind....

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