Monday, December 3, 2012

Don Obama: Is the Administration Shaking Down America

A recent report from MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry proudly draws out the comparison between President Obama and Francis Ford Coppola's Don Corleone when it comes to talks about the "Fiscal Cliff". President Obama is making no bones about his offer, concerning America's debt crisis, and he's making it one that Republicans ostensibly can't refuse. 

They could really be on to something here. As Obama shores up his partisan-overspending "family" of Democrats, Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC walks us through the similarities and contrasts of OUR PRESIDENT BEING A GANGSTER; and makes a pretty convincing case. 

Give that a second to sink in before continuing.

The similarities are astounding, though. “You just know that Leader Pelosi is letting the House Democrats know that they better not  pull a Fredo,” Harris-Perry said, referring to any House Dems who might be willing to negotiate with Republicans on a bi-partisan deal. 

She goes on to outline President Obama's idea of an offer of compromise; which is closer to  Michael Corleone's "My offer is nothing," statement in The Godfather Part II than actual conciliation. Is the President shoring up the support of his gang of Congressional thugs in an effort to muscle out Republican opposition to his plans? 

can you see the resemblance?
Obama's plan going forward (now that the election is over) is not to compromise; it is to move his suicidal spending plan forward regardless of whether he promised to negotiate or not. Heck, or whether even people in his own party have doubts over it. This smells a lot like political strong-arm-ing to push through an unproven and concerning agenda. 

With the country rolling towards the cliff, with a dire need to rein in the abhorrent amount of spending that his administration is doing, Barack wants to INCREASE spending. He is proposing a 50 Billion dollar stimulus; and he is not looking like he wants to meet in the middle on this. 

How about in this one?

In another appropriate analogy, Harris-Perry compares Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to Don Corleone's counselor Tom Hagen in the films. It is an apt metaphor; in the movies Hagen serves as a messenger, and as an advisor. Geithner has been sent to the Hill with his and the administration's plan to raise taxes AND spending. 

Though usually we would bash MSNBC here, this time they have brought some important issues to America's attention. It is too late to tell you, "Don't let Barack Obama fool you into thinking he will compromise when it comes to debt." Now I tell you, don't let President Obama act like Don Obama. Stop the shakedown of our financial future.