Friday, December 10, 2010

Brian Moran and Ward Armstrong...How Quickly They Forget

Governor Bob McDonnell previewed components of his transportation agenda for the 2011 General Assembly session today. Gov. McDonnell's overall transportation vision focuses on maximizing all available resources and programs to get projects initiated during one of the most favorable road building periods in Virginia history. Gov. McDonnell's proposals, when fully implemented, would pump $4 billion into road, transit and rail projects in the Commonwealth over the next three years, dramatically speeding up congestion-reducing efforts and increasing job-creation and economic development efforts statewide. 

Democratic leaders such as DPV Chairman Brian Moran and Democratic House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong have been quick to criticize this plan. However, they have failed to propose any ideas whatsoever on transportation.

Even more laughable is that up to $1.8 billion of this funding will be derived from accelerating the issuance of transportation bonds approved by Moran and Armstrong in 2007! All that McDonnell is doing is speeding it up to take advantage historically good deals for road building, and to put our citizens back to work. Doing this will save the state significant money in the years ahead by securing good deals today. As Moran said back in 2007…
“Overall, it [the bill and bond package] represents significant progress. The sum of plan is greater than the parts”
So it appears neither Moran nor Armstrong want to issue bonds to build roads that they voted for and applauded just three short years ago. All that’s changed is the governor is now Republican, oh, and we can get road building deals sealed for cheaper than any other time in modern history and get Virginians back to work in a very difficult economy.

That’s just the definition of partisan politics. We eagerly await their input on transportation, and we remind them that saying no is not an idea; delaying progress is not a solution.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kirk Cox Elected New House Majority Leader, Bill Janis New Majority Whip

Delegate Kirk Cox has been elected as the new House Majority Leader and Delegate Bill Janis has been elected as the new House Majority Whip. Both are great members of the House of Delegates, and will serve their positions well. Our caucus is in good hands, and will continue to grow under the leadership we now have in place. Below is Speaker Bill Howell's official press release...

Speaker Howell Announces Kirk Cox elected as new House Majority Leader, Bill Janis new Majority Whip

RICHMOND, VA - Because of the election of Delegate H. Morgan Griffith to the U.S. House of Representatives last month, Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) today announced the election by the 61-member strong Republican Majority Caucus of Delegate M. Kirkland "Kirk" Cox (R-Colonial Heights) and Delegate W. R. "Bill" Janis (R-Henrico) as the new House Majority Leader and House Majority Whip, respectively.  The elections were held during a Caucus meeting this afternoon.

"I am delighted to have Delegates Kirk Cox and Bill Janis in these very important leadership positions," said Speaker Howell.  "Both of these individuals are trusted allies and talented lawmakers with remarkable backgrounds that they've used to help House Republicans offer practical solutions and deliver real results.

"Kirk is an outstanding member of the House who I rely on time and again for thoughtful analysis and strategic insights on the important challenges and opportunities facing taxpayers, families, businesses and Virginia.  Not only is he a widely acknowledged 'go-to' person on the state budget, education, military and natural resource issues, but Kirk also has done a superb job as House Majority Whip counting votes and building support for our ideas

"Likewise, Bill is an engaged and detail-oriented delegate who contributes so much to our Caucus and Commonwealth.  His service on key House committees has provided Bill with a firm understanding of the issues and how they impact people of all walks of life.  I'm confident that he will continue helping to identify policy goals and forge coalitions in support of sensible legislation that will improve the quality of life for all Virginians." 

"Since I have served for several years as the House Majority Whip, I am very familiar with the demanding tasks of leadership and am grateful for the vote of confidence from so many of my peers," said Delegate Cox.  "We have many challenging years ahead with tight budgets and a need to grow private sector jobs.  I look forward to working hard with House Republicans and all of my legislative colleagues to address these challenges and the aspirations of the people of Virginia as the next House Majority Leader."

"I am immensely honored by the trust and confidence placed in me by my colleagues from throughout the Commonwealth," said Delegate Janis.  I relish the opportunity to serve as the new House Majority Whip.  Together, we're going to help put Virginians back to work by promoting legislation that fosters an environment conducive to more job growth, more economic opportunity and more prosperity for all Virginians."

"After Republicans solidified our House Majority when voters gave us a net gain of six additional seats and now that these Caucus elections are behind us, it's time to focus anew on working with Governor McDonnell to govern thoughtfully and creatively on behalf of those we're so honored to serve," concluded Speaker Howell.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Del. Comstock to Host Town Hall on December 7 on Proposed Government Contracting Cuts

Delegate Barbara Comstock will be hosting a Town Hall Reception for government contractors this Tuesday, December 7 from 7-9pm in Tyson's Corner. The town hall will be to discuss the President's proposed defense and national security cuts, and the impact they would have on our local economy and national security.

Last week, Governor McDonnell, Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb, most of our congressional delegation and Tom Davis, who is currently serving as the Chairman of the Governor's Commission on Military and National Security Facilities, held a meeting with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to discuss the lack of transparency, rationale or data to support the proposed cuts.

Former Congressman Tom Davis will be the Special Guest at the upcoming town hall reception. For details on the town hall and more information contact Elise Marsh in Del. Comstock's office at 703-209-3787 or email to