Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scared Del. Bulova Uses His Mother to Fight for Him

Fairfax County Chairmen Sharon Bulova is taking on her son's work for him.

Scared that he might have a formidable opponent in 2011, Del. Bulova asked his mother to beat up on Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity's Chief of Staff, Dave Forman. Dave Forman, former director of constituent services for Congressman Tom Davis, could be running in the 37th house district come 2011. Although Bulova's mother controls the gavel over Fairfax County, she can not protect her son in 2011 against Dave Forman.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

David Mills and Del. McClellan’s Household on the Rocks?

David Mills, DPVA executive director, and wife, Delegate Jen McClellan, are currently living in a divided house.

Mills recently attacked Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s attempt to stop the federal health care mandate.

Ken Cuccinelli hasn't lifted a finger to help Virginians struggling with unemployment, home foreclosures and predatory loans. Instead, he has filed two frivolous lawsuits against the federal government and tried to impose his political agenda on state colleges' and universities' non-discrimination statutes.:
-David Mills

That statement seems a bit odd considering his wife’s vote. On H.B 10, a law making it illegal for government to require citizens to purchase health care, Del. McClellan voted in favor of the bill. It appears that they have a divided mindset when it comes to health care. In this family debate, like most, the wife is right. David Mills should stop bantering Cuccinelli and listen to his wife.


Below is a link to the vote count on HB 10 ... Del. McClellan was not the only Democrat to support the bill ... she had plenty of her left leaning liberal friends vote with her as well ....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care to Cost Virginia $1 Billon

Gov. Bob McDonnell estimates the federal health care overhaul will cost Virginia almost a $1 billion more in Medicaid spending over a 12 year period beginning in 2014.

On Monday McDonnell expressed his concerns about the cost of health care.

"I think there's obviously some concern among our citizens and among governors and among people across the country about the breadth and scope of this health care reform," he said. ""It's an unfunded, long-term mandate on our Medicaid program."

During session Virginia passed the nation's first law making it illegal for government to require citizens to purchase health care. Virginia was also first to act when it came to filling a suite against the federal health care mandate. McDonnell has reviewed the pleadings by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and is in agreeance with the case.

"The pleadings say we don't believe the federal government has the right to tell the citizens of Virginia that they must purchase a good or a service, in this case, health insurance, particularly when we have a statute that we just passed that you cannot mandate that. No one can mandate that on the citizens of Virginia."

Virginia has spoken, now its time for President Obama to listen. This $1 billion dollar bill for Virgina is irreponsible and could prove disastrous for the state economy. For the past two months the General Assembly engrossed itself with trying to salvage a budget while cutting back on a $4.2 billion deficit.

Virginia can simply not afford health care.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

HB 30- A Budget That Won’t Hurt Virginian’s Wallets

Successful Budget from House Republican Leaders

On the last day of session the General Assembly approved the 2010-2012 budget, which looks to fiscally tackle the budget shortfall while stimulating the economy. The GOP-controlled House was adamant throughout session with keeping spending in check, most notably with implementing a real structural reform that will continue to control spending in the future. Governor McDonnell’s campaign promises were solidified this weekend with the passage of the budget that includes no new tax increases on Virginia residents. In fact this budget is actually smaller than the last budget.

Instead of increasing taxes, like Kaine’s proposed budget, this budget found ways to save money rather than tax Virginians. The budget not only saved over $ 39 million in administrative spending, but also reformed the public education formula and the Virginia Retirement System to increase flexibility and save taxpayers millions of dollars.

After years of Kaine purposefully overestimating revenues to increase spending, this budget makes real revenue estimates and includes a $50 million reserve to be deposited in the Rainy Day Fund if revenue estimates are realized. With the budget reversing many of the flawed fiscal policies during the Kaine administration, it appears that Virginia is well on the track to becoming fiscally prosper again.

A special thanks is in order to Delegates Putney, M.K Cox, Sherwood, Landes, and Jones for their hard work on bringing a successful and imperative budget forward for all Virginians.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Democratic-Led Senate Becomes Greedy in Last Day of Session

Democratic-Led Senate Wants Pay for Extra Day of Session

With one extra day added to this legislative session, House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith (R) urged House members that it is not acceptable to be paid for over time during this budget shortfall. With the guidance of Griffith, the Republican-led House unanimously passed -- HJ40 stating that members would not receive per diem for the extra day.

However the same can not be said for the other side of the General Assembly. It appears that while Democratic Senators were debating where to cut $ 4 billion from state spending, their extra day of pay was left untouched. Although the extension is needed to finish session, extra pay for the lawmakers is not needed, as hinted by House Republican leaders.

Now is not the time to squeeze more money out of the Commonwealth. It appears that House Republican leaders have the right leadership needed to steer Virginia in the right fiscal direction. The Democratic controlled Senate already get paid more than the Delegates, what more could they possibly want in a time of fiscal crisis?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ward is losing his grip on the Democratic Caucus!

On a bill (House Bill 1391) that he called critical to his district, fading Minority Leader Ward Armstrong had 9 members of his caucus vote "no" and 3 others sat on their hands and didn't vote.

Even Delegate Joe Johnson (possibly one of the nicest members of the House) took Armstrong to task with a withering series of questions that finally concluded with a missive about wasting the time of the Delegates.

As he seems now to be more concerned with his budding statewide aspirations, it seems that his good ol' country boy shtick is wearing thin.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Senate Passes Del. Athey's Bill Helping Community College Students

House Bill 1066, sponsored by Delegate Clay Athey, developes a general studies program in the VCCS and ensures that all credits taken in this program transfer to four-year public colleges and universities.

Students will now know that their credits taken at a VCCS will not be wasted, saving them money and time.

To view the video, please click here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Statewide Armstrong

Today Speaker Howell upon recognizing Del. Ward Armstrong addressed him as “ The Gentleman from Statewide, Mr. Armstrong”. House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong had long been eyeing his chance to become Speaker of the House , but due to the to the six-seat pick up from the Republicans this election it appears that he has no chance at taking the gavel. With his failed attempts at retiring Speaker Howell it appears he has his eyes on a statewide position. With aspirations for a statewide office, Armstrong has been holding town hall meetings throughout Southern Virginia with the idea of enhancing his statewide image. But for the time being looks like the only statewide endorsements he will be receiving is from remarks from Speaker Howell.

Additional Sources Pick Up On Armstrong Agenda

The Washington Post did an article on Ward Armstrong's future ambitions, running statewide, while throwing his own caucus under the bus.

Please click here to view the article.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where in Virginia is Ward Armstrong?

The answer is everywhere. Delegate Ward Armstrong has started a war with Appalachian Electric Power (AEP) and has been using his crusade as a front to spread his name around Virginia.

AEP has requested that the State Corporation Commission increase the rates on electric utilities. Armstrong introduced House Bill 639 in an attempt to keep utility rates in check. Yet, Ward himself said that HB 639 could not guarantee a rate decrease.

When his admittedly weak bill was not reported out of Commerce and Labor, Armstrong gave a strongly worded soliloquy on the floor. Frustrated, he used words and phrases such as “bribery” and “backroom deal” and even motioned for the Commerce and Labor Committee to be discharged.

Armstrong has been using AEP as a pretext to run for office statewide. Recently, he attended Town Hall meetings in Christiansburg, Abingdon, Bluefield, Cana and Wytheville, all towns far outside of his district.

With all this traveling around Virginia, Armstrong has forgotten about his role in the House of Delegates. Armstrong has checked out of his own caucus, shrugging his duty as Minority Leader. He has put more energy into traveling around the state than leading his own party.

Is it possible that the Minority Leader is ditching his caucus for something bigger? Signs point to YES.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Del. Clay Athey's 5-Part Interview

Del. Athey on Elections and Illegall Gambling.

Above is a clip from Delegate Athey's five part interview with the Warren County Report. In the first segment Del. Athey discusses elections and illegal gambling. To see the entirety of the interview please click here. Del. Athey also discusses urban development, closing of state parks, privatization of liquor sales, and the consequences of the Toyota officials.