Thursday, March 25, 2010

David Mills and Del. McClellan’s Household on the Rocks?

David Mills, DPVA executive director, and wife, Delegate Jen McClellan, are currently living in a divided house.

Mills recently attacked Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s attempt to stop the federal health care mandate.

Ken Cuccinelli hasn't lifted a finger to help Virginians struggling with unemployment, home foreclosures and predatory loans. Instead, he has filed two frivolous lawsuits against the federal government and tried to impose his political agenda on state colleges' and universities' non-discrimination statutes.:
-David Mills

That statement seems a bit odd considering his wife’s vote. On H.B 10, a law making it illegal for government to require citizens to purchase health care, Del. McClellan voted in favor of the bill. It appears that they have a divided mindset when it comes to health care. In this family debate, like most, the wife is right. David Mills should stop bantering Cuccinelli and listen to his wife.


Below is a link to the vote count on HB 10 ... Del. McClellan was not the only Democrat to support the bill ... she had plenty of her left leaning liberal friends vote with her as well ....


Anonymous said...

In a recent Richmond Times-Dispatch article titled McDonnell touts new Va. law in health-care challenge, Del. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond City) raised racial analogies in objection to the Commonwealth’s current effort to defend the U.S. and state Constitutions from federal overreach.

“Asked by a reporter about any parallels between Virginia's opposition to desegregation decades ago and the state's current fight against health-care reform, Del. Jennifer L. McClellan, D-Richmond, said: "Absolutely."
Published: March 25, 2010

In reference to a “whole generation of children who were prevented from going to school” during massive resistance, Del. McClellan suggested that the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, which she supported, would “have the same detrimental effect on a whole generation of children who are denied health-care coverage right now.” The Times-Dispatch article noted that McClellan when pressed for a specific example referred to “the provision in the federal health-care reform that would not allow insurance companies to deny coverage to children based on pre-existing conditions.” Unfortunately no such provision currently exists.

An AP News report suggested the day prior to Del. McClellan’s statements that the “new health care law has a gap when it comes to one of its much-touted immediate benefits, improved coverage for children in poor health, congressional officials confirmed Tuesday. Under the new law, insurance companies still would be able to refuse new coverage to children because of a pre-existing medical problem, said Karen Lightfoot, spokeswoman for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the main congressional panels that wrote the bill that Obama signed into law Tuesday.” Full protection for children would not come until 2014 according to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

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