Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care to Cost Virginia $1 Billon

Gov. Bob McDonnell estimates the federal health care overhaul will cost Virginia almost a $1 billion more in Medicaid spending over a 12 year period beginning in 2014.

On Monday McDonnell expressed his concerns about the cost of health care.

"I think there's obviously some concern among our citizens and among governors and among people across the country about the breadth and scope of this health care reform," he said. ""It's an unfunded, long-term mandate on our Medicaid program."

During session Virginia passed the nation's first law making it illegal for government to require citizens to purchase health care. Virginia was also first to act when it came to filling a suite against the federal health care mandate. McDonnell has reviewed the pleadings by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and is in agreeance with the case.

"The pleadings say we don't believe the federal government has the right to tell the citizens of Virginia that they must purchase a good or a service, in this case, health insurance, particularly when we have a statute that we just passed that you cannot mandate that. No one can mandate that on the citizens of Virginia."

Virginia has spoken, now its time for President Obama to listen. This $1 billion dollar bill for Virgina is irreponsible and could prove disastrous for the state economy. For the past two months the General Assembly engrossed itself with trying to salvage a budget while cutting back on a $4.2 billion deficit.

Virginia can simply not afford health care.

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