Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can't Throw A Rock These Days...

...Without hitting a Democrat guilty of electoral fraud.

Today's example comes to us from St. Joseph's County Indiana; where County Democratic Committee chairman Butch Morgan, Jr. has been convicted of felony conspiracy counts of forgery and petition fraud. Along with him goes Dustin Blythe who was a good little helper while Ole Butch was busy in 2008 forging names in Indiana's 2nd Congressional District to get Barack Obama on the Indiana ballot.

At this point, there is a distinct pattern emerging. Democrats will talk out of the other sides of their mouths nationwide to "protect" the already inalienable right to the ballot, all the while using dirty under-handed tactics to fake the system to win. I know it isn't right, you know it isn't right, deep down I would hope even they would know it isn't right.

But that knowledge did not seem to matter as Morgan faked page after page of signatures to get Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton on the Indiana ballot. Had his scheme been uncovered earlier, there's a chance that history would have played a very different tune. But Butch Morgan will face the consequences of his actions. Courageous Republican legislatures across the nation are enacting bills to combat this voter fraud epidemic and it makes all the sense in the world that the Dems would be tilting at strawmen to keep their back door to elections open.

Delegates Morrissey and McClellan, what say you now? After all of the documented cases nationwide, is there any response to this idea of fast-lane democracy where the will of the people is ignored, and partisan selfishness reigns supreme? Because the evidence is piling up.

VA GOP Caucus

Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Blow $332 Million


The Affordable Care Act comes into full effect this year, and lawmakers are already trying to scramble up the Hamburger Hill of fines, red tape, and the ENORMOUS, ABSURD cost of implementing this boondoggle of a bill.

Recently, President Obama's new Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough had to lay down under the bus tires and try to breed some support for his bill not to Republicans, but to Senators in Obama's own party. Even these Democratic Senators had grave concerns for implementing the ACA.
Obama has already raided 332 Million dollars from the Public Health and Prevention Fund simply for publicizing state healthcare exchanges. In perspective, that is enough money to train over 2,000 United States Marines. That, only to show people what kind of disruption, cost, and hardship that this 1,500 page money-sponge is going to put them through...

Hope and Change don't figure too highly in the bill's language surprisingly.

Struggling to reconcile business to the big picture (read: government) picture, insurance companies and small businesses alike are already raising costs and cutting hours to get out of the ACA's metaphorical way. According to CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, premiums for small business insurance plans are expected to rise 15%, which is even less than individual policies stand to increase, which is 25% simply and solely to comply with the law.

In strategy sessions at businesses all over America, owners, operators, and managers are already asking about the definition of "full time". Obamacare is forcing businesses to cut hours, just so that they can continue to pay their employees. As this year progresses, and Americans see more and more of Obamacare's cost, not only in dollars but hours and disclosure compliance, I expect the American populace to be...slightly upset.

It isn't enough that doctors don't like it, it isn't enough that businesses don't like it, it isn't enough that when the American middle class sees what they will be wading through in the name of Obamacare they won't like it.

When do we say "Enough"?

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Are One Nation

Walking around Boston today are hundreds of heroes. The first responders, the volunteers, and the everyday people who ran back into the smoke proved something amazing in the midst of yesterday's tragedy. They proved that even though evil people will take any opportunity to harm the lives of innocents, that we stand together in defense of our fellow Americans, and in solidarity with our nation.

The culprit behind this cowardly attack on innocent civilians is right now being hunted down to answer for their crimes. In the wake of this senseless violence and unjust targeting of innocents, to our heroes, our friends,  and to the cowards responsible for this, the same words apply.

We are one nation, we stand beside each other, and when our country and neighbors are attacked, we will run towards them to help. Not away. 

VA GOP Caucus

Monday, April 15, 2013

Here's The Obamas' "Fair Share"

If Warren Buffet's secretary was annoyed at paying a higher tax rate than her boss before, she may well have an aneurysm about the President today. Obama's crusade against tax loopholes and for the "wealthy to pay their share" has taken an interesting turn as we come to find out that his effective tax rate is near the poverty level, despite living in the most famous address in the world.

At 18.4%, after an election that centered on fiery criticism for Mitt Romney paying "less than his fair share", Barack Obama's tax rate is a shameful reminder of his hypocrisy. Hope and change are taking a back seat to tax breaks, people, and no one is surprised.

This was a central point in his campaign to smear Romney for paying exactly what the tax code called for; an illogical attack strategy at best, but now completely moot thanks to the public knowledge that Obama, like Romney, looks for ways to pay the least in taxes.

In fact, the American people spoke in the recent Washington Post poll that they agree with paying the least possible in taxes. 85% agreed that they would do whatever they could to pay the lowest tax rate possible. So after slamming Mitt Romney again and again, the public and President Obama now agree with him.

So we come to find out that all of that rhetoric last year was simply lip service to Obama's rabid base? Not shocking. We find that Obama, while slamming others, ends up paying a tax rate reserved for incomes  below the poverty line? Just one more example of Saint Barack skirting around his own message to get by.

VA GOP Caucus

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Fraud" and Mysterious Money Dealings: Familiar Terry-tory

Terry McAuliffe has every reason to promote green energy; he started an electric-car company, GreenTech Automotive. The website touts that these cars are "Made in the USA", but much of the money used to build them has been raised by promising citizenship to foreign investors. Hmmm...

McAuliffe uses The Federal EB-5 Program to raise money for GreenTech. The program allows citizenship for wealthy foreign nationals that invest in making jobs in America. Sounds a little fishy, but down that road we go. 

The problem is, none of this money is transparent, and accountability for it is near zero. For example, 20 million dollars raised (supposedly) for McAuliffe's company has yet to be delivered to GreenTech from Gulf Coast Funds Management, a financial firm conveniently Presided over by Terry's long-time friend Anthony Rodham (Hillary's little brother) and with long time Clinton friends and advisors Margaret Richardson and Kathleen Blanco on the board of directors. Both companies are regional centers for EB-5, and records for their success or failure are nowhere to be found. Outright suspicious, but the road goes on. 

The address listed for the offices has been stripped of a nameplate, locked, and turned dark. The tiny closet-like office that Kenric Ward of Breitbart finally uncovered "was occupied by a lone receptionist who curtly and repeatedly declared that 'no one' was available to be interviewed." In a report, earlier this week, a financial adviser went as far as to call McAuliffe's investment program (EB-5) a fraud. A dubious financial record, now we are in familiar Terry-tory. 

Rodham's Gulf Coast Funds Management is being looked into by Fairfax County's Department of Tax Administration. It was delinquent of its 2012 business license; neither company has paid for one in 2013.By its own description, the company is meant to serve "targeted zones" in Louisiana and why is it headquartered in McLean? Anyone seeing the pattern here? 

The EB-5 program, itself has come under extreme scrutiny in the past year, and several government reports have turned a skeptical eye to the lack of transparency, and the ease with which fraud can be committed within the system. And that is under the best of circumstances. 

There are standards of job creation for EB-5, but as the formula used to test these standards includes jobs that were not made by the foreign investor, and was basically invented to meet the statutory job-to-investment requirements that were imposed, the Government Accountability Office reported that it could not determine how many people had actually been put to work by the program. The more that gets uncovered, the less becomes apparent...

GreenTech has been described as not a good fit for EB-5 anyway; the long-term funding that he needs just isn't what the system was meant for. Its possible that the operation has been misused or taken advantage of the whole time. McAuliffe's company pledged to hire 350 full-time workers in Mississippi, and GreenTech has never yet disclosed how many employees it actually has. 

All that we can say for sure is that none of this adds up, and that the McAuliffe campaign has been mum on every word of it. Everyone is keeping their lips unusually tightly locked for Terry. Why? What could he possibly be hiding? The only way this road ends is with McAuliffe coming clean about whatever is going on in this closed door, suspicious looking enterprise. Especially since regulators have already uncovered fraud in a similar organization recently. McAuliffe simply is not good for Virginia.

VA GOP Caucus

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Protecting Pedophiles?

This was no headline gimmick to draw you in. California Representative Jackie Speier wants to bring one of California's sexual orientation laws to the federal level. This bill would sanction any counselor trying to change the sexual orientation of a patient. That, in itself, is nothing to write home about.

But the bill protects pedophilia as a sexual orientation. That, folks, is (as Bearing Drift's Shaun Kenney put it) outrageous. There have been bills with strange language in them before, that got worked out in the legislative process, sure. But when Republicans attempted to amend the bill so that sexual predators did not get a federal protection...Dems defeated the amendment! THIS READS LIKE SATIRE. Rep. Alcee Hastings (of bribery fame), a Democrat of Florida, struck down the proposed changes, stating that all alternative sexual lifestyles should be embraced.

Congressman Hastings, Congresswoman are wrong. On this subject you are categorically wrong, your bill would endanger children everywhere, and the very idea that a pedophile can receive federal protection is sickening. The idiocy of Congressional Democrats has crossed into the realm of unconscionable.

If you think that this problem is only federal, look at Blue Virginia's fiery, albeit cartoonishly partisan, article defaming Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for challenging a 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision protecting....a 47 year old man soliciting oral sex from a 17 year old girl. Folks, there is no excuse to legally protect pedophiles; and it should not have come to this before someone said so.

Lowell Feld has put his chips on the table with these Congressional Dems. Left-wing progressive extremism is no new thing to the Commonwealth but I had no idea that the left was desperate enough to attack Ken Cuccinelli that they are willing to cozy up to the "alternative lifestyle" of child molesters. This kind of weaponized progressivism has got no place in Virginia. If protecting the safety of our children, and locking up those who would harm them is what constitutes an "Extreme Social Agenda" on the right, then what do we call this dangerous idea on the left?

VA GOP Caucus