Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can't Throw A Rock These Days...

...Without hitting a Democrat guilty of electoral fraud.

Today's example comes to us from St. Joseph's County Indiana; where County Democratic Committee chairman Butch Morgan, Jr. has been convicted of felony conspiracy counts of forgery and petition fraud. Along with him goes Dustin Blythe who was a good little helper while Ole Butch was busy in 2008 forging names in Indiana's 2nd Congressional District to get Barack Obama on the Indiana ballot.

At this point, there is a distinct pattern emerging. Democrats will talk out of the other sides of their mouths nationwide to "protect" the already inalienable right to the ballot, all the while using dirty under-handed tactics to fake the system to win. I know it isn't right, you know it isn't right, deep down I would hope even they would know it isn't right.

But that knowledge did not seem to matter as Morgan faked page after page of signatures to get Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton on the Indiana ballot. Had his scheme been uncovered earlier, there's a chance that history would have played a very different tune. But Butch Morgan will face the consequences of his actions. Courageous Republican legislatures across the nation are enacting bills to combat this voter fraud epidemic and it makes all the sense in the world that the Dems would be tilting at strawmen to keep their back door to elections open.

Delegates Morrissey and McClellan, what say you now? After all of the documented cases nationwide, is there any response to this idea of fast-lane democracy where the will of the people is ignored, and partisan selfishness reigns supreme? Because the evidence is piling up.

VA GOP Caucus

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