Friday, May 3, 2013

Dancing Doesn't Cut It

Dancing around the issue is an understatement. 

Terry McAuliffe is taking every chance that he can get to keep his mouth shut about the shady, borderline suspect conditions that surround his former car company - GreenTech Automotive. After recent news that GreenTech's parent Capital Wealth Holdings is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, economist Greg Autry has gone on record as saying the only reason a company like this incorporates in the British Virgin Islands is to avoid paying U.S. income taxes. 

How can McAuliffe say nothing? Simple, the truth is worse than silence. He can't explain: 

  • that his "company" is based offshore to avoid taxes
  • the same company that sells citizenship to its foreign investors
  • the same company that passed up an offer from the Commonwealth of Virginia to bring its plant there and instead chose Mississippi where they were delinquent on their property taxes until the media got wind and began investigating the issue
  • a company that hasn't produced nearly what it promised to under his leadership
Terry McAuliffe is running for Governor of Virginia. There is no shortage of public stages on which to come clean and sweep out his detractors if any of this is not true....IF. Terry has taken none of the many opportunities that he has been given to bring the truth to the light. It's time to stop asking what it could be that he has been hiding so long. If these claims weren't true and Terry really "didn't know anything about it", then why does he keep hiding? Let's forget that only last year, Terry was bashing Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney for less than Terry himself is being accused of.

What does this say about McAuliffe's management skills? What about his commitment to the people of this Commonwealth? He couldn't decide which state to run for governor in! He has no commitment, he has no experience, he has no compunction as to how, where, or why he wants to be Governor of Virginia. More than that he doesn't have the integrity to face up to the legitimate questions that we have about his experience and his dealings. He has no business bringing his shady schemes here. Florida and New York, I can't speak for. 

But Terry, you cannot dance your way to the Governor's Mansion here in our Commonwealth. 

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