Thursday, May 23, 2013

So this Joke Jokes About Something that is No Joke

Howard Dean, of Byahhhh! Fame and a hapless 2004 presidential primary run has recently gone on record in the news saying that the unresolved questions that America has about the tragedy last year in Benghazi is a "laughable joke". An attack that left four people dead, shattered the Obama administration's narrative about terrorism, and reminded us that America's terrorist enemies are still out there, that's no joke.

I know jokes, Howard Dean is a joke.

Dean went on to claim that the investigation into the event and the role of the government in its response is a mere ploy to gain political points. Watch the video below.

The death of four of our civil servants in an attack on our territory is not a joke. The failure to prevent it, the administration's muddled response to it, and the controversy surrounding it are real and important. Whether Mr. Dean stands by it or not, calling this a joke (especially by a man who has become a meme himself) is despicable. 

I mean did NO ONE tell him that maybe he shouldn't go onto national television and make a fool of himself...again?! It's idiocy like this, Democrats, that is losing you public support. Demanding that a government be accountable to its people is not a joke, and it really should not be too much to ask from an administration that is knee-deep in scandals, gaffes, and controversies and has been from the start. 

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