Thursday, May 23, 2013

Terry McAuliffe's bad for the Commonwealth. He practically said so himself.

Buzzfeed features a pretty interesting game. It's a game of "Who Said It?" between Terry McAuliffe and Frank Underwood. Underwood is a fictional congressman from South Carolina played by Kevin Spacey in the show House of Cards. He is characteristically a silver tongued, money grubbing its pretty easy to see the comparison.

They also have published a few choice snippets of T-Mack's book. That part about his real home being Syracuse, or about leaving his wife and newborn baby to pick up a DNC fundraising check, or humble-bragging about all of the stars he hangs out with. THAT IS JUST A SAMPLING! It is like gaffe Christmas in that rag of a biography.

In terms of slamming Terry McAuliffe, he is providing ammo practically faster than we can shoot it. From GreenTech to Global Crossing to selling visas, it doesn't take much thinking. He sells green-cards but not green cars. The man is a slimeball who just looks at the governorship of Virginia as one more rung on his scramble to the top.

I shouldn't have to convince people that Terry's not right for the Commonwealth. Terry has done that himself. This shameless, money grubbing Clinton operative doesn't hold anything higher than money and political power. He's only barely a Virginian, and if it had suited his chances he would be down in Florida being barely a Floridian and running for that governorship. Or in New York.

He's trying to play Virginians for saps and failing miserably. But see how you do playing the game. You might be surprised, but I doubt it. At least Frank Underwood can boast that he has experience in government.

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