Wednesday, May 29, 2013

McAuliffe is now forced to fish in the shallowest waters

Recently, Bearing Drift, the National Review, and others have gotten a look at Terry McAuliffe's latest horse trade with Planned Parenthood. Apparently there is a new campaign called KeepKenOut to stop Ken Cuccinelli from winning the Governorship this November. put a picture of Ken on a picture of yours and put it on Facebook. I think they tried to choose a picture where the AG looked disapproving, but their example picture looks like nothing controversial or divisive. Just some friends smiling at a wedding.

Is that the new line? Ken Cuccinelli hates young people having fun at weddings? What's the point here? The sticker says nothing about Cuccinelli's positions, or McAuliffe's for that matter.

I have come to expect shallow fishing expeditions into social media in an attempt to lure away the apathetic youth of America, but this falls short of even that.

Classic Dem strategy: Treat your audience like they are stupid, and hope that the few stupid ones out there follow you."HATE THIS GUY!", why? "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT, WE'RE DEFINITELY RIGHT!"

This has no value for educating the public about an election. It's just a cheap sticker to put on a picture and a few blatantly partisan blurbs tucked away on another page. It's a metaphorical band-aid for a beleagured McAuliffe campaign that is searching for poor, uninformed saps to filch money out of, as ever. And speaking of money....

Planned Parenthood is a huge Democratic fundraiser (just like T-Mack likes em). That means nationally and on the state level; and this childish attempt to win over the vapid, apathetic masses on Facebook is just another example of Leftist mudslinging.

VA GOP Caucus

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