Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small Business Suffocating from Obama Regulations

A new study of American small businesses brings us ominous, if predictable, news. American small business owners are reaching out to make their voices heard finally when it comes to Obama's strangling regulatory ambitions.

The Washington Examiner article detailing the study (commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers) reveals that 55% of small business owners say that they would not have started their business in the economic climate that this President is cultivating today. 

A full 69% of those polled say that the President is to blame for the woes that their businesses are weathering. Even more disconcerting is the 67% majority answer that these business owners gave when asked if they thought that today's economic situation was safe enough to expand or hire workers.

67% answered "no". When the scope of American small business is considered, the reality of that answer is outright frightening; especially to the millions of unemployed Americans that the President seems to think he does not have to answer to.

This poll is not as partisan as some would assume, either. Only 46% of the owners answering these questions identified themselves as Republicans. These are not just Republican worries, these are American realities; and they should concern any American; blue or red.

VA GOP Caucus

Richmond Doctors Dump Obamacare

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When puzzled about plumbing, you would listen closely to the opinions of a plumber. When you are confused about cars, it would be best to consult a mechanic. Why should healthcare be different?

When it comes to Obamacare, there are a lot of confused people out there, and a ludicrous amount of work and reading to do before that changes (See our earlier post about Obama's 80-Million-Hour Problem). So America has to turn elsewhere for an informed opinion on how this...thing will affect our lives.

Today, there is an article in Style detailing the opinions of Richmond doctors on Obamacare. The Richmond Academy of Medicine hosted a dinner with U.Va.'s Larry Sabato where a mock election was held, as well as a mock referendum on Obama's Affordable Care Act.

The numbers came back overwhelmingly against the law; and, while the poll was informal, gave an interesting insight into the opinions held by the Commonwealth's caregivers.

The numbers came back showing a tidy Romney victory in November, Cantor and Longo winning in the House, and George Allen for Senate. While the sample size is small and the poll unofficial, it begets optimism to know that some of Virginia's most educated and well-informed professionals fall against this attempted "solution", and that our caregivers support a common-sense fix to the issues that face us today.

VA GOP Caucus

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Study Shows Obama's Food Stamp Mistakes

In 2008, Barack Obama calmly, deliberately, and with full knowledge of his actions signed away the 1996 Welfare Reform rule stipulating that, after three months, recipients of food stamps who are able-bodied adults with no dependents can only continue to receive food stamps if they are in some way working. The provision was buried in his economic stimulus bill, and the signature met with booming applause...

...Fast forward to now. Social entitlements are limping, and the integrity of our welfare programs is waning. Since Obama signed the rule out, a Congressional Research Service study has found that people are flocking in unheard-of numbers to get onto food stamps.

The President has made a monster. The rolls of the food stamp program have swelled from 1.9 million people to 3.9 million. This is not normal growth under a recession economy. To double such a program's amount of beneficiaries so quickly is inundating, financially and socially.

Even though the suspension of this crucial rule has expired (in 2010), Obama does not care. Congress refused to back him on extending the suspensions in 2011 and 2012. But Barack has been side-stepping Congress. Even though food stamps are a useful safety net, the practice of abusing the privilege has become laughably easy and the cost could sink the program by sheer force of numbers.

VA GOP Caucus

Obama's 80 Million Man-Hour Mess

The House Committee on Ways and Means has taken the time to compile an estimate of the amount of hours necessary to implement Obama's healthcare bill. The total came to just under 80 million hours. 

Now let's put aside this absurd, border-line-hilarious amount of work that it will take to implement the legislation. Let's forget that we're going to be inundating a beleaguered healthcare system with millions of new patients without adding a single new doctor. Let's get to the root of the matter.

 Just who, I ask, will this laughably morbid span of man-hours fall on?

Small businesses. 

This pile of work will land where the President has always aimed it to land. Right in the laps of America's middle class. There is no denying that Obamacare itself is a ponderous pile of paper that most of America has not even begun to read. But the pile is growing.

According to a Washington Examiner article, "Obamacare has resulted in thousands of pages in IRS and Treasury rules including 17 regulations, 5 revenue procedures, 2 revenue rulings, and 14 Treasury decisions". When it comes to Obamacare, small business beware. 

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MD Dem Driven Out Over Voter FRAUD; What More is There to See?

Delegates Morrissey and McClellan -- this is how democrats try to win. Today in the Washington Post, Congressional candidate Wendy Rosen withdrew from her 1st District race with conservative Andy Harris over allegations of VOTER FRAUD. To Delegates Morrissey and McClellan: what more is there to see?

To the chorale of voter "suppression" advocates, this is getting a little absurd. The Democratic Party of Maryland was the group to first realize that Rosen had voted in her native Florida, as well as Maryland, in the 2006 General Election as well as the 2008 Dem Primaries.  Rosen has withdrawn and is keeping her lid shut on the matter, (ostensibly) until an investigation has been conducted.

Rosen's own party has ousted her for voting in 2 states in 2 separate elections. This news has come at a very inopportune time for MD Democrats. It is now too late to put another Dem name on the ballot. Furthermore Rosen may have more to fear from the docket. Voter fraud is a clear violation of Maryland law and if she is found out, Rosen could stand to face a judge once this is all over.

How long until the denial stops? This is a perfect example of the kind of underhanded tactics that are being used to hijack America's democracy today, and there is no excuse not to simply ascertain that registered voters are, in fact, who they say they are. Even President Obama's Department of Justice has confirmed Virginia's laws to be fair. Who needs to fear the process of legitimizing American elections?

The evidence is glaring, and even the middle agrees that there is a need for these laws in the 21st Century. The question remains, folks.

What more is there to see?

VA GOP Caucus

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's Full Wallet and Empty Speech

Candidate Elizabeth Warren played warm-up for former-President Bill Clinton last night at the DNC. The Massachusetts senatorial hopeful took the stage to an enthusiastic crowd chant reminiscent of a day-time talk show. Her campaign against incumbent Senator Scott Brown has been heavy-hitting on wealthy Americans.

Warren used much of her speech to rail against Wall Street and Mitt Romney; not an unpredictable move, but what the heck. She spoke with fire and verve about stock brokers "Strutting around like we should thank them." and about the idiocy of "risky [Wall St.] bets". She spoke of her closeness with the middle class, and her down home roots.

That may be what she said, but the facts shine a different light on Ms. Warren. The salary from her cushy Harvard job totals $700,000. Though she rails against Wall Street, Warren has a portfolio that totals $8 million. Never mind that she is on the record as saying members of Congress shouldn't own stock.

She must really sympathize with middle class working Americans from the $5 million 
                                                     house that she lives in. 

Elizabeth thinks that the wealthy should pay more taxes, huh? Then why did she not choose the Massachusetts higher tax rate this year for people in her (not so middle class) tax bracket?

Ms. Warren, when you are given the choice to pay more taxes, after publicly and loudly and often railing against millionaires just like you, why not do it?

Last night, Warren ended her speech with the phrase "We are all called to act". Does that not include her?

VA GOP Caucus

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama Undercuts Clinton

Richmond Times-Dispatch Op. Ed. about President Obama's real position on welfare came out today. President Obama has announced a program to waive "Mandatory Work Requirements" that have been part of Welfare since 1996.

To spell this out, Obama is planning on releasing waivers to states that want to try "alternative" methods when it comes to welfare. These alternative methods include interesting terms like "multi-year career paths"(read: you don't have to be employed and working to pay into the system that you are taking from) and "a comprehensive universal engagement system in lieu of certain [work] participation-rate requirements." 

The important words are "in lieu of". Those three words will allow your government to accept non-work where once work was required. This, by definition, is destroying the "Mandatory Work Requirement". 

Is the patent unfairness of this kind of accountability-free government money fountain apparent 
                                                                  to anyone else? 

A full 15% of Americans are on food-stamps. President Obama's lowest spending year for welfare is $70 Billion greater than George W. Bush's Administration's highest spending year. Obama's highest spending year is nearly twice the Bush White House's highest. 

Passed in 1996, those requirements were a huge bi-partisan accomplishment of then-President Bill Clinton. While Clinton is acting as one of the Obama campaign's most reliable and important salesmen, Barack Obama is tearing down one of his landmark bi-partisan achievements? 

So, the President is stepping on his friend Bill's toes to climb the ladder, forgetting about the accountability measures that made welfare viable to all voters in the first place. 

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNC: ID Please?

Virginia Delegation, if you are headed to the DNC, don't forget your ID. The Virginia Delegation to the DNC has already been warned to be on their best behavior this week... Surprisingly, though, without a state-issued identification card, they won't be able to get in at all.

This week in Charlotte, attendees at the Democratic National Convention are going to be required to prove their identity to get in... There is a clear disconnect here. Why can't everyone just provide their name and be who they say they are?

Democrats have come out against voter identification across the board. Page 52, Democratic Platform, "we refuse to allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens." And yet they see their convention as a more important venue to identify participants than voting for the national election. This seems very much political, and indeed is a pretext.

The facts bear that there is little difference between what the Democratic National Committee is doing, and what Virginia Democrats are on such a rampage over.

Have a look at the DNC's website sign-up. About one third of the way down the page is that oh-so-important sentence that puts the Democratic argument against voter identification on its head.

The message that is being sent is: a person needs an ID to simply WATCH President Obama SPEAK, but the need for an ID to vote, a far more important function than a party convention, is unreasonable...

VA GOP Caucus