Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MD Dem Driven Out Over Voter FRAUD; What More is There to See?

Delegates Morrissey and McClellan -- this is how democrats try to win. Today in the Washington Post, Congressional candidate Wendy Rosen withdrew from her 1st District race with conservative Andy Harris over allegations of VOTER FRAUD. To Delegates Morrissey and McClellan: what more is there to see?

To the chorale of voter "suppression" advocates, this is getting a little absurd. The Democratic Party of Maryland was the group to first realize that Rosen had voted in her native Florida, as well as Maryland, in the 2006 General Election as well as the 2008 Dem Primaries.  Rosen has withdrawn and is keeping her lid shut on the matter, (ostensibly) until an investigation has been conducted.

Rosen's own party has ousted her for voting in 2 states in 2 separate elections. This news has come at a very inopportune time for MD Democrats. It is now too late to put another Dem name on the ballot. Furthermore Rosen may have more to fear from the docket. Voter fraud is a clear violation of Maryland law and if she is found out, Rosen could stand to face a judge once this is all over.

How long until the denial stops? This is a perfect example of the kind of underhanded tactics that are being used to hijack America's democracy today, and there is no excuse not to simply ascertain that registered voters are, in fact, who they say they are. Even President Obama's Department of Justice has confirmed Virginia's laws to be fair. Who needs to fear the process of legitimizing American elections?

The evidence is glaring, and even the middle agrees that there is a need for these laws in the 21st Century. The question remains, folks.

What more is there to see?

VA GOP Caucus


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