Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama Undercuts Clinton

Richmond Times-Dispatch Op. Ed. about President Obama's real position on welfare came out today. President Obama has announced a program to waive "Mandatory Work Requirements" that have been part of Welfare since 1996.

To spell this out, Obama is planning on releasing waivers to states that want to try "alternative" methods when it comes to welfare. These alternative methods include interesting terms like "multi-year career paths"(read: you don't have to be employed and working to pay into the system that you are taking from) and "a comprehensive universal engagement system in lieu of certain [work] participation-rate requirements." 

The important words are "in lieu of". Those three words will allow your government to accept non-work where once work was required. This, by definition, is destroying the "Mandatory Work Requirement". 

Is the patent unfairness of this kind of accountability-free government money fountain apparent 
                                                                  to anyone else? 

A full 15% of Americans are on food-stamps. President Obama's lowest spending year for welfare is $70 Billion greater than George W. Bush's Administration's highest spending year. Obama's highest spending year is nearly twice the Bush White House's highest. 

Passed in 1996, those requirements were a huge bi-partisan accomplishment of then-President Bill Clinton. While Clinton is acting as one of the Obama campaign's most reliable and important salesmen, Barack Obama is tearing down one of his landmark bi-partisan achievements? 

So, the President is stepping on his friend Bill's toes to climb the ladder, forgetting about the accountability measures that made welfare viable to all voters in the first place. 

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