Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dem Misdirection on Voter ID, and Why No One is Shocked

Recently, Governor McDonnell signed a law that requires voters to be able to provide a photo ID in order to cast a ballot. Before the ink was even dry on the bill, cries of "voter suppression" were rising on the left. Shocker, I know. ABC 7 news published this article yesterday, and while the title is true, there are several shocking examples of misinformation.

The article claims that Virginia's original voter ID bill, which was enacted to respond to several instances of voter fraud in the Commonwealth, was enacted to "prevent President Barack Obama from winning Virginia for the second presidential election in a row"....or it could have been the many documented cases of voter fraud here (predominantly on the left), culminating with the investigation of Patrick Moran for soliciting voter fraud just last year on the campaign of his father, Congressman Jim Moran. 

Dems are attacking straw men and hiding behind feeble allegations that the elderly, and the low-income urban populations won't be able to vote under the law. The question is why not? The tired old allegations that are rising over the law have all been covered before.

At this point, no one can be expected to believe that a law that: 1)  can be satisfied by one of the most common documents in America, a driver's license, 2) provides a FREE photo ID to anyone that needs one and applies for it, and 3) carries a mandate for the State Board of Elections to educate the public about it, is the deadly sword of tyrrany falling against the cringing masses of Virginia's voters.

The common-sense answer is that there is nothing standing in the way of a registered voter having their voice heard. This legislation just seeks to stamp out the kind of underhanded tactics that some people (Wendy Rosen) use to win elections. At the end of the day, no one is surprised that the organized left is fighting this measure that ensures the integrity of our elections. They stand to lose the most by having fraud stamped out.

VA GOP Caucus