Friday, May 31, 2013

Obamacare Could Double Healthcare Costs or More

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“We are better off today than we were before.”

Yesterday in Forbes, Avik Roy broke the story that in California, Obamacare is going to skyrocket insurance rates by 146%. California's "Covered California" Healthcare Exchange released “Making the Individual Market in California Affordable” just last week. 

The only real problem is the title. It's a lie.

The average price before Obamacare for a 25-year-old non-smoking male would have been about 92 dollars a month in California's pre-Obamacare, very competetive individual market. 

Under the ACA that rate doubles to 184 dollars a month. Not only that, $184 is a deal. That only covers California's "Catastrophe Plan", a plan that is only available to those under 30. From there, costs just continue to go up. The next cheapest plan is over $200. While California is a far-off place, the example should not be lost on Virginians bracing for Obamacare's real implementation at the beginning of 2014. 

Terry McAuliffe thinks that this is the kind of example that Virginia ought to be following.  He said so himself, and he wants us all to line up behind him. 

Stop the madness.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holder's Hold-up: DOJ Still Silent on Voter Fraud Debacle

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"In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population..."

...touts a Columbus Dispatch article from September, 2012. Certain counties had 109% of their voting-eligible populous registered. To put that in perspective, the national average hovers around 70. This is an extreme case, and thanks to the GOP's early response to this threat and Virginia's Voter Identification law, on June 11, the Commonwealth won't have to deal with the gross over-registration, double-registration, and fraud that Ohio's Board of Elections is going to have to wade through to clean the rollsBut, it's a sobering example of what could have happened if Dems (you reading this, Delegates Morrissey and McClellan?) had been successful in stalling the law two sessions ago.

The real story here is the deaf ear that the Obama/Holder Department of Justice is turning to the problem.

This problem was discovered in an extremely important electoral state, BEFORE the November election.  Ohio's Secretary of State sent the Attorney General Holder a letter, again before the election, asking for the power to correct this large-scale voter fraud mess that his state was(and still is) in. He received no response at all. To date, he has not received a response.

And while Bad Luck Eric is already on the hook for bugging the AP, hiding documents from Congress, and any number of other scandals, this is huge, and it does not deserve to be buried. Is it not odd that the chief of the Department of Justice is already billed as protecting the administration from its constituents. Stalling any action, or possibly even ignoring this glaring problem in a state that conveniently turned blue, does not cast Holder in a good light.

At best, this is incompetence, at worst it is obstruction; and it is another nail in the coffin of an already catastrophe-studded "career".

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

McAuliffe is now forced to fish in the shallowest waters

Recently, Bearing Drift, the National Review, and others have gotten a look at Terry McAuliffe's latest horse trade with Planned Parenthood. Apparently there is a new campaign called KeepKenOut to stop Ken Cuccinelli from winning the Governorship this November. put a picture of Ken on a picture of yours and put it on Facebook. I think they tried to choose a picture where the AG looked disapproving, but their example picture looks like nothing controversial or divisive. Just some friends smiling at a wedding.

Is that the new line? Ken Cuccinelli hates young people having fun at weddings? What's the point here? The sticker says nothing about Cuccinelli's positions, or McAuliffe's for that matter.

I have come to expect shallow fishing expeditions into social media in an attempt to lure away the apathetic youth of America, but this falls short of even that.

Classic Dem strategy: Treat your audience like they are stupid, and hope that the few stupid ones out there follow you."HATE THIS GUY!", why? "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT, WE'RE DEFINITELY RIGHT!"

This has no value for educating the public about an election. It's just a cheap sticker to put on a picture and a few blatantly partisan blurbs tucked away on another page. It's a metaphorical band-aid for a beleagured McAuliffe campaign that is searching for poor, uninformed saps to filch money out of, as ever. And speaking of money....

Planned Parenthood is a huge Democratic fundraiser (just like T-Mack likes em). That means nationally and on the state level; and this childish attempt to win over the vapid, apathetic masses on Facebook is just another example of Leftist mudslinging.

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Judo Chop!(ra), Aneesh Goes After Northam on Guns

Things are heating up in the Dem primary for LG. There is in-fighting in the blue camp over the 2nd Amendment. Specifically this new wave of nastiness is coming over Ralph Northam's more-reasonable-than-your-average-Dem views on gun control in the Commonwealth. Ralph's no friend of gun enthusiasts, make no mistake. Aneesh just happens to be outright in opposition of them.

What could Ralph have done to draw such flak(pun intended)? Northam voted in favor of Virginia's "Castle Doctrine", voted yes on a bill that gives private owners the jump on the government when it comes to gun buy-backs as well. Hardly an NRA warrior. Turns out that this latest political firefight is about Aneesh Chopra's cloudy excuse for a "position" (you'll notice its the shortest statement in Chopra's issues portfolio) on the 2nd Amendment rather than Ralph Northam's more-or-less moderate approach.

Grab your popcorn, people. This Dem cat fight over LG is going to get interesting, and this issue may be the most high-calibre of the campaign(give me a break, the puns practically write themselves in this situation).

VA GOP Caucus

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Terry McAuliffe's bad for the Commonwealth. He practically said so himself.

Buzzfeed features a pretty interesting game. It's a game of "Who Said It?" between Terry McAuliffe and Frank Underwood. Underwood is a fictional congressman from South Carolina played by Kevin Spacey in the show House of Cards. He is characteristically a silver tongued, money grubbing its pretty easy to see the comparison.

They also have published a few choice snippets of T-Mack's book. That part about his real home being Syracuse, or about leaving his wife and newborn baby to pick up a DNC fundraising check, or humble-bragging about all of the stars he hangs out with. THAT IS JUST A SAMPLING! It is like gaffe Christmas in that rag of a biography.

In terms of slamming Terry McAuliffe, he is providing ammo practically faster than we can shoot it. From GreenTech to Global Crossing to selling visas, it doesn't take much thinking. He sells green-cards but not green cars. The man is a slimeball who just looks at the governorship of Virginia as one more rung on his scramble to the top.

I shouldn't have to convince people that Terry's not right for the Commonwealth. Terry has done that himself. This shameless, money grubbing Clinton operative doesn't hold anything higher than money and political power. He's only barely a Virginian, and if it had suited his chances he would be down in Florida being barely a Floridian and running for that governorship. Or in New York.

He's trying to play Virginians for saps and failing miserably. But see how you do playing the game. You might be surprised, but I doubt it. At least Frank Underwood can boast that he has experience in government.

VA GOP Caucus

So this Joke Jokes About Something that is No Joke

Howard Dean, of Byahhhh! Fame and a hapless 2004 presidential primary run has recently gone on record in the news saying that the unresolved questions that America has about the tragedy last year in Benghazi is a "laughable joke". An attack that left four people dead, shattered the Obama administration's narrative about terrorism, and reminded us that America's terrorist enemies are still out there, that's no joke.

I know jokes, Howard Dean is a joke.

Dean went on to claim that the investigation into the event and the role of the government in its response is a mere ploy to gain political points. Watch the video below.

The death of four of our civil servants in an attack on our territory is not a joke. The failure to prevent it, the administration's muddled response to it, and the controversy surrounding it are real and important. Whether Mr. Dean stands by it or not, calling this a joke (especially by a man who has become a meme himself) is despicable. 

I mean did NO ONE tell him that maybe he shouldn't go onto national television and make a fool of himself...again?! It's idiocy like this, Democrats, that is losing you public support. Demanding that a government be accountable to its people is not a joke, and it really should not be too much to ask from an administration that is knee-deep in scandals, gaffes, and controversies and has been from the start. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 RPV State Convention Kicks Off Today

Just now, the 2013 RPV Stat e Convention has just kicked off in Virginia.

Delegate Tim Hugo will be providing live updates and interviews throughout this year's RPV State Convention through Facebook as well as on Twitter.

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This IRS Situation is like a B-List Horror Movie

The longer you look, the worse it gets. 

More and more information is coming to light regarding the IRS' unjust targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. At first it was thought that the 2012 Election season was the only time the government agency had committed this partisan iniquity. As if that wasn't bad enough, we are now learning that IRS officials knew about this, ostensibly, since 2010! And have flatly denied these same charges up until now.  

President Obama said that it would be "outrageous" for such an abuse of government power to take place. Outrageous enough that he made a joke about executing just this kind of stunt in a commencement speech in 2009? Is it just a coincidence that a government agency spent an election year stymieing growth of the President's enemies? 

This video does contain strong language. 

Will the jack-booted storm troopers come next? Democrats have been online all week trying to contain the damage that is, even now, being done to their reputation. And with good reason. Using the IRS to suppress free speech is a violation of every principle that America was founded on. 

This Wall Street Journal article details the criteria for the oppressive tactics that the IRS used. Groups whose mission statement included "make America a better place to live." or "Patriots" for example, were targeted for more red tape. 

What kind of black-hearted scoundrels actually love their country? Or want to make it a better place to live? It's just great to know that the good people collecting our taxes are out there fighting against that kind of dangerous thinking, huh? This stinks to high heaven like cheating, like 1984, like some plot you read about in a conspiracy novel. 

But it's real. It's happening right now and it has been happening for we-don't-know how long. Demand some accountability from your government for blatantly suppressing its people and lying about it. 

VA GOP Caucus

Monday, May 13, 2013

Congratulations Speaker Howell and Delegate Todd Gilbert

Congratulations to Speaker of the House Bill Howell for being named the Virginia Chamber of Commerce's Legislator of the year for 2013!  

“Throughout the course of the 2013 General Assembly session, Speaker Howell went above and beyond to take a stand for Virginia businesses. Under Speaker Howell’s leadership, the House advanced a pro-business legislative agenda that will enhance Virginia’s competitiveness in the global economy. We thank him for his commitment to advancing policies that will strengthen Virginia’s economy, establish predictability and stability with Virginia’s business climate and support private-sector job creation.” - Barry DuVal, President and CEO, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations go out to Delegate Todd Gilbert as well. For his efforts in this General Assembly Session, he has been named the Legislator of the year by the Virginia Family Foundation. Delegate Gilbert's work on behalf of Virginia's families were invaluable this Session, and this award is well deserved. 

VA GOP Caucus

Friday, May 10, 2013

IRS Denies Political Motive for Targeting Conservatives. Come on.

Today, the Internal Revenue Service finally admitted to the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exempt status during the 2012 election. One more example of a fair and un-biased big government machine...

But the real kicker is a quotation hidden in this Washington Post article. It comes from the official IRS statement about this debacle and it reads...

 “Mistakes were made initially, but they were in no way due to any political or partisan rationale.”

That's rich. When a government agency specifically targets groups because their names include the terms "Patriot" and "Tea Party", just what constraints are you working on if not politically motivated ones? 

VA GOP Caucus

Thursday, May 9, 2013

For McAuliffe, "Creating Jobs" Highly Resembles Doing Nothing

A recent Washington Post article exhorts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for his “wasting no time” in getting jobs down to Southside Virginia. That part of the state has been particularly hard hit in the economic crisis, and McAuliffe touted a plan to build a wood-fired power plant there, on the site of a closed International Paper mill. 

What a great idea! When did this idea come to light? When can we expect the results?

Terry made this claim after he lost his last race for Virginia Governor, in…2009. This smells a lot like his inflated claims of business expertise at his disaster of a green car company that has yet to post any semblance of a record of success. Terry is trying to pass off what amounts to a speech, a letter of intent, and a lease on a depot as job creation. Since 2009.

Photo courtesy of Reuters. 

Do not let this smiling generic suit of inexperienced anonymity try to use Southside Virginia as some kind of sick bargaining chip to prove talent that he does not have and progress that he has not made. Terry’s got Virginia businesses and jobs at heart? That’s a good one.

McAuliffe’s Greentech, debacle that it is, does in fact employ some people. Even bringing that business to Virginia would be better than holding out a letter of intent. But Terry didn’t even do that much forVirginians; he sent those few jobs down to Mississippi despite an offer from the Commonwealth. This kind of greasy smoke and mirrors trick to make Virginians believe that Terry has a record of business success, or has our job market at heart are a transparent lie evident to even the most cursory reader.

Send McAuliffe packing back to some Democratic Committee to make these grand statements with no results. It’d be a far more appropriate stage than giving this dunce a key to the Governor’s Mansion.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dancing Doesn't Cut It

Dancing around the issue is an understatement. 

Terry McAuliffe is taking every chance that he can get to keep his mouth shut about the shady, borderline suspect conditions that surround his former car company - GreenTech Automotive. After recent news that GreenTech's parent Capital Wealth Holdings is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, economist Greg Autry has gone on record as saying the only reason a company like this incorporates in the British Virgin Islands is to avoid paying U.S. income taxes. 

How can McAuliffe say nothing? Simple, the truth is worse than silence. He can't explain: 

  • that his "company" is based offshore to avoid taxes
  • the same company that sells citizenship to its foreign investors
  • the same company that passed up an offer from the Commonwealth of Virginia to bring its plant there and instead chose Mississippi where they were delinquent on their property taxes until the media got wind and began investigating the issue
  • a company that hasn't produced nearly what it promised to under his leadership
Terry McAuliffe is running for Governor of Virginia. There is no shortage of public stages on which to come clean and sweep out his detractors if any of this is not true....IF. Terry has taken none of the many opportunities that he has been given to bring the truth to the light. It's time to stop asking what it could be that he has been hiding so long. If these claims weren't true and Terry really "didn't know anything about it", then why does he keep hiding? Let's forget that only last year, Terry was bashing Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney for less than Terry himself is being accused of.

What does this say about McAuliffe's management skills? What about his commitment to the people of this Commonwealth? He couldn't decide which state to run for governor in! He has no commitment, he has no experience, he has no compunction as to how, where, or why he wants to be Governor of Virginia. More than that he doesn't have the integrity to face up to the legitimate questions that we have about his experience and his dealings. He has no business bringing his shady schemes here. Florida and New York, I can't speak for. 

But Terry, you cannot dance your way to the Governor's Mansion here in our Commonwealth.