Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Governor Bob McDonnell Galvanizes the RNC

Governor McDonnell's superb speech yesterday at the RNC brought with it a refreshingly positive message of hope. The Governor took a prime time spot in the succession last night of Republican governors and luminaries. His speech was one predicting a change away from the nanny-state entitlement society and into an "Opportunity society".

He kept powerful control of the numbers, reminding listeners that 7 of the 10 states with the lowest unemployment are led by Republicans as well as 12 of the 15 best states for business.

McDonnell serves as the chair of the Republican Governors' Association.  He challenged his audience to imagine "...what we could do if we had a president who would support us, not obstruct us.

Virginia has not been a fortunate state as far as the Obama campaign goes, and the Governor was not afraid to say so. He noted the famous Biden "chains" gaffe in Danville, as well as the fact that our Vice President seemed to think that he was in North Carolina that day. The speech also highlighted President Obama's infamous "You didn't build that" comment; which occurred in Roanoke.

Stitching references of his own life into it, Gov. McDonnell connected with Americans in his speech. He spoke of his own grandparents' journey to America from Ireland, and his daughter's service in the Military. At the conclusion of his speech, he deferred to a small business owner from Virginia to testify to the truth behind his statements. Truly, an inspiring speech.

Read the Richmond Times-Dispatch article on his speech here.

See the Governor's speech below.

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Every Second Counts: Del. Comstock Wastes No Words in RNC Speech


Tuesday afternoon, Delegate Barbara Comstock started up the stairs to the main stage of the Republican National Convention. Her speech was only three minutes long, but Delegate Comstock made it count.

Delegate Comstock tore into Obama for his willingness to play chicken with sequestration. She stood up to the establishment on the matter of jobs in Virginia, saying "his (Obama's) budget failure threatens to slash 200,000 national security and high-tech jobs in Virginia."

Comstock held nothing back when speaking on the job killing policies of this administration, and the common-sense plan that our Republican candidates are bringing to the table. 

Congratulations on the honor of a speaking role Delegate Comstock.

Photo Credit to Virginian-Pilot; read the original article here

Monday, August 27, 2012

2016: Obama's America Surging in Box Offices Across the Nation

In 2010, news and academic publications were holding up the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 for all the world to see. Now that 2012 has arrived, the people could not care less about it. The attitude of the nation may now be to move up our doomsday deadline by about 4 years - 2016. Taking a hard look into the future, one author and film maker may be giving us a new viewpoint, on a different kind of doomsday, if Barack Obama is re-elected President in his film 2016: Obama's America

Numbers don't lie; the movie has made a big splash. In one week, the sphere of theatres playing 2016 has expanded from 169 to 1,091. Thats increasing about four-fold. 2016 is or will soon be playing in your area, and we encourage you to consider seeing it.

The documentary, by director and author Dinesh D'Souza, takes a hard look into the cloudy origins and upbringing of our nation's 44th President. While honest, the view is anything but glowing. D'Souza uncovers and highlights the anti-colonial dreams of Obama's estranged, socialist father, for whom Barack is named.

2016 also takes into account the geo-political climate of the middle east, interviews with the Obama family, and the psychological effects of absent fathers on their children's development. An interview with the former U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker, also provides a sombre but accurate depiction of the United States' debt situation.

As D'Souza seeks out interviews with Obama's siblings and relatives, many of whom are scattered to the wind, from far-flung Indonesia (Obama's boyhood home) all the way to Nairobi, a theme begins to emerge. He is unsuccessful in soliciting an interview with the President's aunt Sarah.

There are many starkly straight-forward quotations from Barack Obama's own book in the movie. Some excerpts are taken from the CD and feature Obama's own voice. Considering some of the facts, quotations, and numbers that come to light in the documentary, it could have a serious impact on this year's election.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama's DOJ approves Virginia Voter ID LAWS.

Senator Don McEachin, Delegate Joe Morrissey, and Delegate Jennifer McClellan were proven wrong again today when they said Virginia's voter ID laws were discriminatory. Even the Obama administration agrees that these laws are appropriate.

The Department of Justice has now confirmed the legitimacy of Virginia's Voter Identification law. The official announcement came from Governor Bob McDonnell Monday night, and is a big stride in assuring Virginians that in November's election, and in the future Virginia electoral process, we keep fraud out of the Commonwealth.

Opponents of the plan have labeled it discriminatory. However, Virginia's reasonable, common-sense Voter ID law is a legitimate way to ensure Virginia's elections. This is a step in the right direction to making sure Virginians have a voice in their government through their vote.

To see the full article detailing Gov. McDonnell's announcement, click here

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fmr. Gov. Wilder Smashes Biden over 'Chains' Remarks

Earlier today in an interview with CNN, former Democratic Governor Douglas Wilder railed against the racially insensitive remarks that Vice President Joe Biden made earlier this week during a Danville campaign stop. Wilder warned the Vice President, "Slavery is nothing to joke about" and that "As far as I am concerned, the President would not associate himself with those remarks."

Biden's comments, including "they are going to put y'all back in chains" and "With your help...we can win North Carolina", have raised serious questions about Biden's contributions to the campaign. Wilder even goes so far as to suggest the President would be better off switching running-mates in the full interview.

For the full article, click HERE

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bowles and Biden: Democratic Double-Edged Swords?

In this Presidential Election cycle, former President Bill Clinton has thrown his considerable political weight around to both sides at one time or another; but a recently unearthed clip of his former Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles shows across-the-aisle support for recent VP pick Paul Ryan and his budget blueprint.

Bowles is seen addressing a group, asking "Have you met Paul Ryan? ... I'm telling you, this guy is amazing." He goes on to compliment Ryan's sincerity, his straight-forwardness, AND his Budget plan.

The video would make a dynamite ad, and no one can blame Bowles for supporting responsible fiscal policy, now can they?

Especially as VP Joe Biden visited Danville in southside Virginia recently. On his visit Biden extolled to a largely African American crowd (Danville, VA is 49% African American) that Republicans "Will put you back in chains." That's not to mention the Vice President's ending line at his VIRGINIA stop. "With you, and I mean this; with you, we can win North Carolina."

...Inspiring words from the man who is one heartbeat from the Presidency.

This comes as the Obama campaign is trying to shake Mitt Romney's obviously reasonable assertion that the President is running an "angry and divisive" campaign. President Obama's campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter even met the press to say "We have no problem with those comments."

Have a look here at these two videos. The first shows Bowles being intelligent, the second shows Biden being the opposite.


Video credit goes to the Weekly Standard and CNN respectively.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soledad's Subjectivism: A Deplorable Study in Media Bias

Breitbart has reported on a serious journalism faux pas this morning,

In a recent interview on CNN with House Republican Barbara Comstock on Vice Presidential pick Congressman Paul Ryan, Soledad O'Brien may have gotten caught on camera with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. The jar being a left-wing blog's attack column against Ryan, and her hand being...well, her hand.

As O'Brien hammered Comstock on Ryan's landmark budget proposal, she became "visibly flustered" and one unlucky cameraman caught Soledad flipping vigorously through what she claimed to be an official statement from the office of Senator Wyden of Oregon.

This was, in fact, not the case.

The blog, Talking Points Memo, is a well known left-wing crusade board; the article, titled "The Myth of Paul Ryan Bi-Partisan Leader". As if O'Brien's bias were not explicit enough, another guest in the same segment (President Obama's campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter) was treated to O'Brien with no notes whatsoever. Not that she would have needed them; she kindly tossed Cutter a few fluff questions. Very objective, Ms. O'Brien.

The full Breitbart article is available HERE

VA GOP Caucus

Notice the paper in her hand around 2:30 or so on the video. That's no statement from Senator Wyden...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Georgians Crush Tax Increase

As reported by the Drudge Report this morning, taxpayers in the Atlanta Metro region overwhelmingly defeated a $7.2 billion transportation referendum.

There were a number of elections in Georgia yesterday and the voters in the Atlanta Metro region had the opportunity to allow a tax increase. They made it quite clear that a 1% sales tax increase wasn't in their 10-year plan...

It should also be noted that the advocates for the 10-year, 1% sales tax increase raised $8 million while the opponents came out victorious with contributions totalling only $15 thousand.

Maybe a tax increase isn’t a good idea in Virginia either…

To see the full article, click HERE