Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Governor Bob McDonnell Galvanizes the RNC

Governor McDonnell's superb speech yesterday at the RNC brought with it a refreshingly positive message of hope. The Governor took a prime time spot in the succession last night of Republican governors and luminaries. His speech was one predicting a change away from the nanny-state entitlement society and into an "Opportunity society".

He kept powerful control of the numbers, reminding listeners that 7 of the 10 states with the lowest unemployment are led by Republicans as well as 12 of the 15 best states for business.

McDonnell serves as the chair of the Republican Governors' Association.  He challenged his audience to imagine "...what we could do if we had a president who would support us, not obstruct us.

Virginia has not been a fortunate state as far as the Obama campaign goes, and the Governor was not afraid to say so. He noted the famous Biden "chains" gaffe in Danville, as well as the fact that our Vice President seemed to think that he was in North Carolina that day. The speech also highlighted President Obama's infamous "You didn't build that" comment; which occurred in Roanoke.

Stitching references of his own life into it, Gov. McDonnell connected with Americans in his speech. He spoke of his own grandparents' journey to America from Ireland, and his daughter's service in the Military. At the conclusion of his speech, he deferred to a small business owner from Virginia to testify to the truth behind his statements. Truly, an inspiring speech.

Read the Richmond Times-Dispatch article on his speech here.

See the Governor's speech below.

VA GOP Caucus

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