Monday, August 27, 2012

2016: Obama's America Surging in Box Offices Across the Nation

In 2010, news and academic publications were holding up the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 for all the world to see. Now that 2012 has arrived, the people could not care less about it. The attitude of the nation may now be to move up our doomsday deadline by about 4 years - 2016. Taking a hard look into the future, one author and film maker may be giving us a new viewpoint, on a different kind of doomsday, if Barack Obama is re-elected President in his film 2016: Obama's America

Numbers don't lie; the movie has made a big splash. In one week, the sphere of theatres playing 2016 has expanded from 169 to 1,091. Thats increasing about four-fold. 2016 is or will soon be playing in your area, and we encourage you to consider seeing it.

The documentary, by director and author Dinesh D'Souza, takes a hard look into the cloudy origins and upbringing of our nation's 44th President. While honest, the view is anything but glowing. D'Souza uncovers and highlights the anti-colonial dreams of Obama's estranged, socialist father, for whom Barack is named.

2016 also takes into account the geo-political climate of the middle east, interviews with the Obama family, and the psychological effects of absent fathers on their children's development. An interview with the former U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker, also provides a sombre but accurate depiction of the United States' debt situation.

As D'Souza seeks out interviews with Obama's siblings and relatives, many of whom are scattered to the wind, from far-flung Indonesia (Obama's boyhood home) all the way to Nairobi, a theme begins to emerge. He is unsuccessful in soliciting an interview with the President's aunt Sarah.

There are many starkly straight-forward quotations from Barack Obama's own book in the movie. Some excerpts are taken from the CD and feature Obama's own voice. Considering some of the facts, quotations, and numbers that come to light in the documentary, it could have a serious impact on this year's election.

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If you like Communism & or Socialism vote for Obama.

Obama will change America for the worse if elected...