Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soledad's Subjectivism: A Deplorable Study in Media Bias

Breitbart has reported on a serious journalism faux pas this morning,

In a recent interview on CNN with House Republican Barbara Comstock on Vice Presidential pick Congressman Paul Ryan, Soledad O'Brien may have gotten caught on camera with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. The jar being a left-wing blog's attack column against Ryan, and her hand being...well, her hand.

As O'Brien hammered Comstock on Ryan's landmark budget proposal, she became "visibly flustered" and one unlucky cameraman caught Soledad flipping vigorously through what she claimed to be an official statement from the office of Senator Wyden of Oregon.

This was, in fact, not the case.

The blog, Talking Points Memo, is a well known left-wing crusade board; the article, titled "The Myth of Paul Ryan Bi-Partisan Leader". As if O'Brien's bias were not explicit enough, another guest in the same segment (President Obama's campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter) was treated to O'Brien with no notes whatsoever. Not that she would have needed them; she kindly tossed Cutter a few fluff questions. Very objective, Ms. O'Brien.

The full Breitbart article is available HERE

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Notice the paper in her hand around 2:30 or so on the video. That's no statement from Senator Wyden...