Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Every Second Counts: Del. Comstock Wastes No Words in RNC Speech


Tuesday afternoon, Delegate Barbara Comstock started up the stairs to the main stage of the Republican National Convention. Her speech was only three minutes long, but Delegate Comstock made it count.

Delegate Comstock tore into Obama for his willingness to play chicken with sequestration. She stood up to the establishment on the matter of jobs in Virginia, saying "his (Obama's) budget failure threatens to slash 200,000 national security and high-tech jobs in Virginia."

Comstock held nothing back when speaking on the job killing policies of this administration, and the common-sense plan that our Republican candidates are bringing to the table. 

Congratulations on the honor of a speaking role Delegate Comstock.

Photo Credit to Virginian-Pilot; read the original article here

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