Friday, November 22, 2013

Reid, Clinton, Biden, Obama Go Nuc-Liar

It is so very interesting to hear Senate Democrats so precisely predict what they will do in the future. Not shocking, but eerie. Yesterday Senate Dems continued their time honored tradition of foot mouthing, word eating, and outright deception. They made look easy what they once looked so disgusted over. They have changed the rules, and changed the fundamental structure of American democracy so that they could stifle those that disagree with them, every time. For once, Joe Biden said something very profound back in 2005. 

At 3:50, our Vice President: "pray[s] that when [control of the Senate changes], that [Dems] don't make this kind of naked power grab."

These kinds of moves are more gasps, not grabs. Senate Democrats are running out of road. Stacking long term judicial nominations, and changing the rules of a legislature are not the maneuvers expected from a thriving party; or one with the backing of the people. It shows that the DNC has probably already given up on re-taking the House in 2014. What is more than probable is that they are blatantly afraid of losing the Senate. 

It is not an unfounded fear, either. Storms are a-brewing for these poor hypocritical fools in the future. The glaring, smoldering debacle that was the ACA rollout has shifted the burden of proof when it comes to next year's Senate elections. Reid holds a majority of 53. A full one third of the Senate coming up for review, the NSA remains undealt-with,  Obamacare is limping and anemic, and debt ceiling negotiations are on the docket early next year. So there are going to be some difficult questions aimed at Reid and his caucus. Difficult questions are an easy excuse to do something desperate. 

I suppose that going "Nuclear" yesterday was warranted, then Harry? Reid is quintessentially at odds with himself over this rule change. He is at odds with what the people deserve, he is at odds with his colleagues have stood for, and he is at odds with what then-Senator Obama has said. Though that last one is less than an ironclad word. This event is just a new drop in the bucket of hypocritical promises that have been sold to the American people in the last few years. When it rains, it pours.

VA GOP Caucus

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joe Morrissey and Receptionist: The Plot Thickens

The events that surround a police response to Joe Morrissey's house, and the nature of his relationship with the stowaway 17 year old from his law office have been written off and denied. The girl's lawyer would have us believe that "There is no story".

Then why is this all still happening?! The original incident was months ago, and yet just yesterday came news of the appointment of a special prosecutor from the Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney's office. Spotsylvania CA William Neely and retired judge Martin Bass have been appointed to deal with this case. That flies in the face of the people trying to cover this up, but the most incriminating aspect of this entire situation is rather a lack of aspects.

The details of the case are scarce, if nothing else, but Delegate Morrissey is an attorney himself. I wouldn't expect him to be shouting details from the rooftops about his...associate? friend? dare I say it? Not yet; but that is one of many glaring and unanswered questions about this case. All that is happening begets more questions than answers in this case; and it was already prime time gossip material in and of itself.

On its face, this all looks like a rejected script of the Young and the Restless. A receptionist lying about her age and job experience to get a job, late night visits to the Delegate's house to discuss "sensitive and personal matters",  an angry paternal phone call to the police, I mean come on!

The investigation will continue, however, and as this soap opera moves forward, we will keep you updated.

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MSNBC Wonders Why Ratings Continue to Drop

Last week, Martin Bashir suggested that Sarah Palin should be defecated on urinated on...on national television. In the first place, MSNBC needs to renounce this insane, offensive rhetoric immediately. The utter irony is that Bashir, whose sole goal was to indict the intelligence and civility of another, ends up sounding like a vindictive 4th grader to do it.

The "news" man spins a disgusting yarn about a taskmaster in 18th Century Jamaica who had one slave defecate into the mouth of another, and also another slave urinate on another as punishment. Bashir brings his trademark condescending drone to bear on Palin in the story. THEN, Bashir suggests that if ANYONE deserves to have that happen to them, Ms. Palin is first in line. Interesting ethics, considering how quick Bashir and MSNBC are to trot out the old "War on Women" nonsense to smear the GOP.

Spread fertilizer all you want, Martin; but you don't indict someone's intelligence on national television by suggesting someone poop in their mouth. It will be interesting to remember this when Mr. Bashir revisits his old "War on Women" rhetoric next year.

Bashir's rant can be seen here. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sickles and Surovell Strike Out

"Was that it?", a quote that perfectly describes the performance of the Democrat candidates in this year's House of Delegates challenges. Just as late as September and October, Scott Surovell and Mark Sickles were walking the walk and proclaiming how disappointed they would be if they didn't pick up at least 5 or 6 seats in this year's election.

I can only imagine how disappointed they must be to net...1.

Though I can certainly sympathize. Having looked thoroughly at their field of candidates, the only conclusion I had left to draw was that this was a little league team trying to break their way into The Show. With no eye on the real issues, and orders to keep it that way, seemingly, this year's field of Dems went down in flames on Election Day, even as the top of their ticket succeeded.

Sorry for the strike out. Maybe a little more humility, next time, gentlemen.

VA GOP Caucus

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What does $8 Million Buy?

It's no secret; Fast Terry gladly received millions upon millions of dollars for lipstick to put on the pig that will be his administration. A huge part of that comes from his good buddy, California enviro-nut Tom Steyer. Terry had to sell himself, sure; but let's be honest, that and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. The real question has to deal with Virginia's businesses and employment.

Virginia's first Climate-bagger 
What did Steyer buy for himself with that money? That question should be on every Virginian's mind as we move forward with this Legislative Session. Because no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, pays out 8 million dollars without the expectation of a return. Steyer wants to put a restrictor plate on Virginia's energy industry. He spun an election that should have been about education, transportation, and government regulation around an issue on which Virginians don't vote, and on which McAuliffe DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A REAL POSITION!

Virginia's excellent business climate depends on low regulations and reasonable taxes, all of the things that Tom hates. What kind of influence has the billionaire bought over the business community? According to Politico's Burns and Restuccia, that question goes unanswered, but the context is grim.

Fast Terry has sold a lot of questionably appropriate things; White House Bedrooms, Rides on Air Force One, and indeed his own word as the close friend and enforcer of the Clintons. It is not even slightly above him to sell out Virginia's energy industry.

This post isn't all about Steyer and Terry, either. For nearly the entirety of Barack Obama's re-election campaign, the indignant cries of Democrats at just how disgusting it was to take money from wealthy individuals like Sheldon Adelson, or the Koch Brothers rang out in righteous anger. Remember that? Well apparently taking millions from wealthy individuals is only wrong when they're not giving it to a Democrat. Hypocrisy as usual. 

Vote for vote - Tom Steyer easily outspent Sheldon Adelson

Friday, November 1, 2013

He's BACK!!!

Virginia Dems Channel a Clingy Mob Wife

Lately we have been hearing quite a bit about T-Mack's fundraising edge over AG Ken Cuccinelli this year. Which I find a bit strange. See, we spent last year AWASH in the shrill cries of "CORRUPTION!" and "BILLIONAIRES ARE HIJACKING THE POLITICAL SYSTEM!".

Well, it seems that while Virginia Dems apparently look down on donations from wealthy people, they are certainly willing to honor their time tested tradition of putting their hand out and accepting it. Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, and Comrade Michael Bloomberg (whose combined wealth is over 50 Billion dollars), have spent over 3 million dollars on Terry McAuliffe, and over a million on Mark Herring.

Not only that, but someone should probably get fired
over at DPVA for the "spook"-y late mailing that they are doing (apparently to a WIDE universe). In true Big Brother style each recipient basically has their voting history laid out on paper with a promise to "show whether or not you voted" after this election.

With turnout expected to be extremely low, it seems that "voter shaming" is a necessity for Dems propping up abysmal candidates. But the whole vibe of the piece is very...creepy, and it comes on the heels of an international scandal about privacy invasion by a Democratic White House. Maaaaybe not such a great idea to remind people that you're watching them, DPVA.

We aren't the only people taking notice, either. 

VA GOP Caucus