Friday, November 1, 2013

Virginia Dems Channel a Clingy Mob Wife

Lately we have been hearing quite a bit about T-Mack's fundraising edge over AG Ken Cuccinelli this year. Which I find a bit strange. See, we spent last year AWASH in the shrill cries of "CORRUPTION!" and "BILLIONAIRES ARE HIJACKING THE POLITICAL SYSTEM!".

Well, it seems that while Virginia Dems apparently look down on donations from wealthy people, they are certainly willing to honor their time tested tradition of putting their hand out and accepting it. Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, and Comrade Michael Bloomberg (whose combined wealth is over 50 Billion dollars), have spent over 3 million dollars on Terry McAuliffe, and over a million on Mark Herring.

Not only that, but someone should probably get fired
over at DPVA for the "spook"-y late mailing that they are doing (apparently to a WIDE universe). In true Big Brother style each recipient basically has their voting history laid out on paper with a promise to "show whether or not you voted" after this election.

With turnout expected to be extremely low, it seems that "voter shaming" is a necessity for Dems propping up abysmal candidates. But the whole vibe of the piece is very...creepy, and it comes on the heels of an international scandal about privacy invasion by a Democratic White House. Maaaaybe not such a great idea to remind people that you're watching them, DPVA.

We aren't the only people taking notice, either. 

VA GOP Caucus

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