Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What does $8 Million Buy?

It's no secret; Fast Terry gladly received millions upon millions of dollars for lipstick to put on the pig that will be his administration. A huge part of that comes from his good buddy, California enviro-nut Tom Steyer. Terry had to sell himself, sure; but let's be honest, that and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. The real question has to deal with Virginia's businesses and employment.

Virginia's first Climate-bagger 
What did Steyer buy for himself with that money? That question should be on every Virginian's mind as we move forward with this Legislative Session. Because no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, pays out 8 million dollars without the expectation of a return. Steyer wants to put a restrictor plate on Virginia's energy industry. He spun an election that should have been about education, transportation, and government regulation around an issue on which Virginians don't vote, and on which McAuliffe DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A REAL POSITION!

Virginia's excellent business climate depends on low regulations and reasonable taxes, all of the things that Tom hates. What kind of influence has the billionaire bought over the business community? According to Politico's Burns and Restuccia, that question goes unanswered, but the context is grim.

Fast Terry has sold a lot of questionably appropriate things; White House Bedrooms, Rides on Air Force One, and indeed his own word as the close friend and enforcer of the Clintons. It is not even slightly above him to sell out Virginia's energy industry.

This post isn't all about Steyer and Terry, either. For nearly the entirety of Barack Obama's re-election campaign, the indignant cries of Democrats at just how disgusting it was to take money from wealthy individuals like Sheldon Adelson, or the Koch Brothers rang out in righteous anger. Remember that? Well apparently taking millions from wealthy individuals is only wrong when they're not giving it to a Democrat. Hypocrisy as usual. 

Vote for vote - Tom Steyer easily outspent Sheldon Adelson

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