Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joe Morrissey and Receptionist: The Plot Thickens

The events that surround a police response to Joe Morrissey's house, and the nature of his relationship with the stowaway 17 year old from his law office have been written off and denied. The girl's lawyer would have us believe that "There is no story".

Then why is this all still happening?! The original incident was months ago, and yet just yesterday came news of the appointment of a special prosecutor from the Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney's office. Spotsylvania CA William Neely and retired judge Martin Bass have been appointed to deal with this case. That flies in the face of the people trying to cover this up, but the most incriminating aspect of this entire situation is rather a lack of aspects.

The details of the case are scarce, if nothing else, but Delegate Morrissey is an attorney himself. I wouldn't expect him to be shouting details from the rooftops about his...associate? friend? dare I say it? Not yet; but that is one of many glaring and unanswered questions about this case. All that is happening begets more questions than answers in this case; and it was already prime time gossip material in and of itself.

On its face, this all looks like a rejected script of the Young and the Restless. A receptionist lying about her age and job experience to get a job, late night visits to the Delegate's house to discuss "sensitive and personal matters",  an angry paternal phone call to the police, I mean come on!

The investigation will continue, however, and as this soap opera moves forward, we will keep you updated.

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