Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MSNBC Wonders Why Ratings Continue to Drop

Last week, Martin Bashir suggested that Sarah Palin should be defecated on urinated on...on national television. In the first place, MSNBC needs to renounce this insane, offensive rhetoric immediately. The utter irony is that Bashir, whose sole goal was to indict the intelligence and civility of another, ends up sounding like a vindictive 4th grader to do it.

The "news" man spins a disgusting yarn about a taskmaster in 18th Century Jamaica who had one slave defecate into the mouth of another, and also another slave urinate on another as punishment. Bashir brings his trademark condescending drone to bear on Palin in the story. THEN, Bashir suggests that if ANYONE deserves to have that happen to them, Ms. Palin is first in line. Interesting ethics, considering how quick Bashir and MSNBC are to trot out the old "War on Women" nonsense to smear the GOP.

Spread fertilizer all you want, Martin; but you don't indict someone's intelligence on national television by suggesting someone poop in their mouth. It will be interesting to remember this when Mr. Bashir revisits his old "War on Women" rhetoric next year.

Bashir's rant can be seen here. 

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