Monday, January 25, 2010

Delegate Rob Bell Leads Opposition Against Transfer of Soering

Above is a clip from Delegate Rob Bell who delivered this speech on the house floor on Friday. The speech hits home exactly why Jens Soering must not be transferred and must be kept in the United States.

Governor Kaine wants this barbarous murderer to be transferred to Germany, where Soering has many connections, to be put in prison there for a maximum two years before parole. Delegate Rob Bell has a letter that is circulating to the members of the General Assembly asking the Department of Justice to deny the transfer to ensure he will serve the rest of his sentence in Virginia. Luckily there is still time to stop the transfer of Soering and hopefully justice will be served.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kaine and the killer

One of Governor Tim Kaine's final gambits while in office was when he asked the US Department of Justice to transfer Jens Soering from the United State to his native Germany. Soering was convicted of a crime he committed in 1985 in Bedford County and quickly fled the country until he was finally captured in England. He was convicted of a double homicide of his former girlfriends parents.

A vicious murder, Soering stabbed the parents over a combined 45 times. After exhausting his options in the U.S. Court System, Governor Kaine finally decided to have him transfered to Germany under a international treaty. Soering has only caused more grief and suffering to the family of the slain parents by making a mockery of the Virginia Court System.

The transfer of Jens Soering needs to be stopped. He should be kept in the United States and serve his 2 term life sentence for what he did. If allowed to go to Germany, he might only serve a 2 year sentence, due to the fact that his father was a diplomat for Germany. Please take a look at the full article posted here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minority Leader Questionable Ethics Speech

Monday, House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong gave a speech on the House floor about House Ethics and how the new legislation will be handled this session. More specifically, he was referring to the House Majority, urging them to reconsider certain bills that did not pass, due to the large majority by Repbulicans in the House. The speech that Ward Armstrong delivered seems a bit ironic and astonishing, taking into consideration his actions from the 2009 House of Delegates Races.

Ward Armstrong was behind the abominable mailer in the Tag Greason v David Poisson race in the 32nd District. The mailer was sent from the PAC "A Strong Majority". On the front of their webpage you will find a letter signed by Ward himself. Furthermore, the website and the PAC is paid for by Ward Armstrong.

In the mailer sent by "A Strong Majority" Ward faslely and maliciously accuses Delegate Greason of a crime that he suppposedly committed while serving in the military. Although Delegate Greason was cleared of any wrong doing, this mailer was still sent to voters in the 32nd District. The PAC even made the point to send a mailer to his home, addressed to his wife, in a unfounded attempt not only to destroy his campaign but his personal life as well. Ward Armstrong proved to people that he clearly has no idea of what good ethics are.

You have to question and wonder if Ward took into consideration his own "ethical behavior" in the 09' Elections before giving this speech before the delegation. If Delegate Armstrong is trying to set the bar for what good ethics are in the House, this could turn out to be a very interesting session.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

McWaters Easily Wins in the 8th

Yesterday Jeff McWaters, easily won the senate seat left vacant by Del. Ken Stolle. McWaters received 78 percent of the vote, handily defeating Bill Fleming to ensure that the 8th Senate seat remain in good hands. In the 37th race, Del. Marsden was able to carpetbag his way into the race and barely beat out Steve Hunt by 327 votes.