Friday, January 22, 2010

Kaine and the killer

One of Governor Tim Kaine's final gambits while in office was when he asked the US Department of Justice to transfer Jens Soering from the United State to his native Germany. Soering was convicted of a crime he committed in 1985 in Bedford County and quickly fled the country until he was finally captured in England. He was convicted of a double homicide of his former girlfriends parents.

A vicious murder, Soering stabbed the parents over a combined 45 times. After exhausting his options in the U.S. Court System, Governor Kaine finally decided to have him transfered to Germany under a international treaty. Soering has only caused more grief and suffering to the family of the slain parents by making a mockery of the Virginia Court System.

The transfer of Jens Soering needs to be stopped. He should be kept in the United States and serve his 2 term life sentence for what he did. If allowed to go to Germany, he might only serve a 2 year sentence, due to the fact that his father was a diplomat for Germany. Please take a look at the full article posted here.

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