Friday, August 29, 2014

13.29 Million Dollars

Northern Virginia is now playing the unwitting host to (with one exception) the most unaccompanied alien "children" in the entire country.

Why would Governor McAuliffe welcome more people with open arms just as we brace for a steep budget shortfall? And after Virginia's counties alone have posted 15 billion dollars of unfunded debt.

Who is lining up to pay for the education, housing, food, and medical care for more than 2,000 people that the Feds shuttled here? They are already classified as 'homeless' in Prince William. The status provides a convenient out to all of those pesky medical requirements that they would otherwise have to go through to enter the school system (like vaccinations).

Dont worry say the Dems. We don't know what we are going to do, how we are going to pay for it, or where we are going to put them; but don't worry. Don't worry about the budget shortfall. Don't worry about how Fairfax County, with already almost 4 Billion (WITH A B) dollars in unfunded debt will pay for over 1,000 new students at a cost of $13,000/child/year.

The real message: Whatever you do, don't worry, and vote Democrat.

VA GOP Caucus

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Rasmussen just released this poll. The long and the short of it is...people are fine with Voter ID laws(74%). Further, the people have been fine with Voter ID laws(71% a year ago), and the trend is that more people are coming to that conclusion.

VA GOP Caucus

Voters Reject Saslaw, McEachin

Yesterday, the people of Southwest Virginia voted overwhelmingly to keep Ben Chafin in Richmond, this time as their next State Senator for the 38th District. The real story is that Chafin won despite this potentially being the most expensive special election ever in Virginia.

Senate Democratic Caucus spent over half a million dollars to mold Hymes carefully to Senators' Saslaw and McEachin's specifications. True, it takes a special kind of Democrat to win down there. Dems tried, with slapstick subtlety, to portray Hymes as pro-gun. Oh, the irony. Of course that flew like a lead balloon.

The whole thing kind of plays out like 'She's All That' but without the happy ending or Freddie Prinze, Jr. I mean the guy didn't even win his own old supervisor district.

Not that we here are losing any sleep over VSDC and DPVA's misfortunes. Congratulations are certainly due to Chafin. His win comes despite having to put up with misinformation campaigns, a laughably un-factual attack ad, and the ire of just about every Dem blogger and activist from Arlington to Abingdon.

You mean to tell me that running a liberal in SWVA, falling in line behind Governor McAuliffe on Medicaid expansion, lying about your views on the 2nd Amendment, and having your one notable ad proven false doesn't win elections?


VA GOP Caucus

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Edge of Tomorrow

Tomorrow, an inordinately important election is going to be held in Southwest Virginia, between Delegate Ben Chafin and Mike Hymes. Let's take a look at our candidates, a sitting legislator or.....

What about a guy that straight-up lied about his opponent and then got caught? 

What are you going to find out that he supports next, if he wins this seat? 

Time is running short. Let's help keep this guy out of Richmond, and help the right candidate win in SWVA; Delegate Ben Chafin.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eating Crow on Voter Fraud

There is definitely something in this story that I can relate to. For the life of me, I can't put my finger on it...

OH, wait. Now, voter fraud isn't a myth when it becomes an issue for powerful Democrats?  As expected, there is plenty of crow to go around. Several have even come forward to try to disqualify their party-mate's own assertions.

It didn't take long for cries to emerge, "BUT this wasn't a state election! This was OUR primary!"

Well, YOUR primary election is under investigation for fraud, and no amount of rhetorical somersaults is going to change that.

It is being taken up in many circles that this was also a firehouse primary, and doesn't bear parliamentary symmetry with general elections run by SBE. That makes no difference when, for years, the Democrat line on voter fraud is that it is imaginary.

So go ahead, try to make this about abortion or Medicaid. This river of comeuppance will not be so easy to misdirect. I wonder what Joe Morrissey is going to think when he has the time to read this...

VA GOP Caucus

Monday, August 11, 2014

Liberal Bible Leads Charge to SWVA

The upcoming Senate race in the 38th has huge implications for control of the Senate, and the continued debate over Obamacare expansion. In that vein, the Progressive Left has come to mine SWVA for votes. This is hilarious in and of itself. Usually they only mention the area to knock coal or the Second Amendment. Now that something they want is on the ground in coal country, that line has changed.

"I'm posting [this] video of Mike Hymes not because I'm a big fan of his views on coal and the Second Amendment (to put it mildly, I'm not), but because that special election on August 19 will determine which party controls the Virginia State Senate.",  August 10, 2014

He can't even look genuinely interested....
If Senators Saslaw, Favola, McEachin, and Howell are allowed to run the show, Southwest will continue to suffer. 

The Left's...pre-occupation with Obamacare has progressed to a neurosis.

Our advice to Dems: try not to be spiteful when you re-abandon the area on August 20.

VA GOP Caucus

Monday, August 4, 2014

RTD Opinion: Will Foust Force this on Physicians?

An editorial published in this weekend's Richmond Times Dispatch hits squarely on the head the true problem with Obamacare; which is not what is written in the law, but what is not. 

If Obamacare is left on the books, what is the logical progression from requiring insurance companies to cover patients through Medicaid? Forcing doctors, many of whom don't accept Medicaid, into taking 

One such doctor, Dr. Marilyn Jerome, is the wife of John Foust, the Ds' candidate in the GOP favorable 10th.

What is Supervisor Foust going to say when the law goes forward and forces his wife's practice into a fiscal corner? Will he be there then to support a full socialization of one of the largest sections of our economy? 

Bart Hinkle, in the original RTD editorial puts it best: 

"Treating private enterprise as a conscript in service to the State is a philosophy with an ugly lineage. In liberal democracies, government is supposed to be the servant — not the master. In health care, however, the relationship is growing increasingly inverted. As a result individuals are forced to buy insurance, and insurance companies are forced to accept them. Now many people want to force drug companies to cut prices. And so on.

Forcing doctors to accept Medicaid patients would be an obvious, logical extension of these trends. If insurance companies can’t turn people away, then why should physicians be allowed to? If drug companies can’t charge more than people can afford, then why should doctors? So far, no elected officials have yet proposed reining in the limited liberty that doctors still enjoy. But such proposals could very well come, one of these days. Though probably not from John Foust."

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mark Warner Looks Down on his Constituents

So this broke recently. The richest man in the U.S. Senate, who also happens to work and live in a DC adjacent state, spent over 30 grand of taxpayer money flying to Southwest Virginia.

"I spent about THIS much, to fly about THIS far,"
I would be remiss not to point out the irony of a wealthy, EPA-loving businessman from Northern Virginia flying a chartered jet to a hard hit, coal dependent area where unemployment hovers around 9% with the audacity to tell them that he is on their side.

The hard campaigning months of September and October are fast approaching. Will the gentleman from Virginia be jetsetting?

Be careful, your expectations for responsibility and common sense may have shifted during flight.