Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Voters Reject Saslaw, McEachin

Yesterday, the people of Southwest Virginia voted overwhelmingly to keep Ben Chafin in Richmond, this time as their next State Senator for the 38th District. The real story is that Chafin won despite this potentially being the most expensive special election ever in Virginia.

Senate Democratic Caucus spent over half a million dollars to mold Hymes carefully to Senators' Saslaw and McEachin's specifications. True, it takes a special kind of Democrat to win down there. Dems tried, with slapstick subtlety, to portray Hymes as pro-gun. Oh, the irony. Of course that flew like a lead balloon.

The whole thing kind of plays out like 'She's All That' but without the happy ending or Freddie Prinze, Jr. I mean the guy didn't even win his own old supervisor district.

Not that we here are losing any sleep over VSDC and DPVA's misfortunes. Congratulations are certainly due to Chafin. His win comes despite having to put up with misinformation campaigns, a laughably un-factual attack ad, and the ire of just about every Dem blogger and activist from Arlington to Abingdon.

You mean to tell me that running a liberal in SWVA, falling in line behind Governor McAuliffe on Medicaid expansion, lying about your views on the 2nd Amendment, and having your one notable ad proven false doesn't win elections?


VA GOP Caucus

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