Monday, August 4, 2014

RTD Opinion: Will Foust Force this on Physicians?

An editorial published in this weekend's Richmond Times Dispatch hits squarely on the head the true problem with Obamacare; which is not what is written in the law, but what is not. 

If Obamacare is left on the books, what is the logical progression from requiring insurance companies to cover patients through Medicaid? Forcing doctors, many of whom don't accept Medicaid, into taking 

One such doctor, Dr. Marilyn Jerome, is the wife of John Foust, the Ds' candidate in the GOP favorable 10th.

What is Supervisor Foust going to say when the law goes forward and forces his wife's practice into a fiscal corner? Will he be there then to support a full socialization of one of the largest sections of our economy? 

Bart Hinkle, in the original RTD editorial puts it best: 

"Treating private enterprise as a conscript in service to the State is a philosophy with an ugly lineage. In liberal democracies, government is supposed to be the servant — not the master. In health care, however, the relationship is growing increasingly inverted. As a result individuals are forced to buy insurance, and insurance companies are forced to accept them. Now many people want to force drug companies to cut prices. And so on.

Forcing doctors to accept Medicaid patients would be an obvious, logical extension of these trends. If insurance companies can’t turn people away, then why should physicians be allowed to? If drug companies can’t charge more than people can afford, then why should doctors? So far, no elected officials have yet proposed reining in the limited liberty that doctors still enjoy. But such proposals could very well come, one of these days. Though probably not from John Foust."

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