Monday, August 11, 2014

Liberal Bible Leads Charge to SWVA

The upcoming Senate race in the 38th has huge implications for control of the Senate, and the continued debate over Obamacare expansion. In that vein, the Progressive Left has come to mine SWVA for votes. This is hilarious in and of itself. Usually they only mention the area to knock coal or the Second Amendment. Now that something they want is on the ground in coal country, that line has changed.

"I'm posting [this] video of Mike Hymes not because I'm a big fan of his views on coal and the Second Amendment (to put it mildly, I'm not), but because that special election on August 19 will determine which party controls the Virginia State Senate.",  August 10, 2014

He can't even look genuinely interested....
If Senators Saslaw, Favola, McEachin, and Howell are allowed to run the show, Southwest will continue to suffer. 

The Left's...pre-occupation with Obamacare has progressed to a neurosis.

Our advice to Dems: try not to be spiteful when you re-abandon the area on August 20.

VA GOP Caucus

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