Friday, August 29, 2014

13.29 Million Dollars

Northern Virginia is now playing the unwitting host to (with one exception) the most unaccompanied alien "children" in the entire country.

Why would Governor McAuliffe welcome more people with open arms just as we brace for a steep budget shortfall? And after Virginia's counties alone have posted 15 billion dollars of unfunded debt.

Who is lining up to pay for the education, housing, food, and medical care for more than 2,000 people that the Feds shuttled here? They are already classified as 'homeless' in Prince William. The status provides a convenient out to all of those pesky medical requirements that they would otherwise have to go through to enter the school system (like vaccinations).

Dont worry say the Dems. We don't know what we are going to do, how we are going to pay for it, or where we are going to put them; but don't worry. Don't worry about the budget shortfall. Don't worry about how Fairfax County, with already almost 4 Billion (WITH A B) dollars in unfunded debt will pay for over 1,000 new students at a cost of $13,000/child/year.

The real message: Whatever you do, don't worry, and vote Democrat.

VA GOP Caucus

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