Friday, November 22, 2013

Reid, Clinton, Biden, Obama Go Nuc-Liar

It is so very interesting to hear Senate Democrats so precisely predict what they will do in the future. Not shocking, but eerie. Yesterday Senate Dems continued their time honored tradition of foot mouthing, word eating, and outright deception. They made look easy what they once looked so disgusted over. They have changed the rules, and changed the fundamental structure of American democracy so that they could stifle those that disagree with them, every time. For once, Joe Biden said something very profound back in 2005. 

At 3:50, our Vice President: "pray[s] that when [control of the Senate changes], that [Dems] don't make this kind of naked power grab."

These kinds of moves are more gasps, not grabs. Senate Democrats are running out of road. Stacking long term judicial nominations, and changing the rules of a legislature are not the maneuvers expected from a thriving party; or one with the backing of the people. It shows that the DNC has probably already given up on re-taking the House in 2014. What is more than probable is that they are blatantly afraid of losing the Senate. 

It is not an unfounded fear, either. Storms are a-brewing for these poor hypocritical fools in the future. The glaring, smoldering debacle that was the ACA rollout has shifted the burden of proof when it comes to next year's Senate elections. Reid holds a majority of 53. A full one third of the Senate coming up for review, the NSA remains undealt-with,  Obamacare is limping and anemic, and debt ceiling negotiations are on the docket early next year. So there are going to be some difficult questions aimed at Reid and his caucus. Difficult questions are an easy excuse to do something desperate. 

I suppose that going "Nuclear" yesterday was warranted, then Harry? Reid is quintessentially at odds with himself over this rule change. He is at odds with what the people deserve, he is at odds with his colleagues have stood for, and he is at odds with what then-Senator Obama has said. Though that last one is less than an ironclad word. This event is just a new drop in the bucket of hypocritical promises that have been sold to the American people in the last few years. When it rains, it pours.

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