Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ward Armstrong 2.0

NO Jonathan! NOOOOOOO!!!!
Deep in Southwest Virginia, in the 6th District, the race is largely quiet. Jonathan McGrady has been safely hiding out from his opponent, Jeff Campbell, and joining the Federal-style strategy that is permeating the Dem House campaigns this year; bash the top of the ticket, try not to answer questions, or take positions that concern your district, and wait...

But Jonathan decided that he would rather go in the direction of another famous Democrat from not too long ago. A Democrat who lost convincingly, and went down calling this exact same message. In response to several requests from the Campbell campaign to stand on issues concerning the district, Jonathan chose.....
To bash the power companies! 
You have made a little league mistake, Jonathan. You are a tee baller running on an issue that the Minority Leader lost on. What do you expect to happen?! When you get that deep in the playbook, you've passed "Hail Mary" a few pages back. And history is bound to repeat itself, with this veritable vacuum of a candidate. 

Judging from what information we have dug up, Jonathan is just using the boilerplate Dem platform for the year; there is little to naught to separate him from a Dem running in Virginia Beach, or a Dem running in Herndon. Ward Armstrong may have gone down with these famous last words, but at least he was better than a cookie cutter candidate. 

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