Thursday, October 3, 2013

Terry's Lack of Backbone is Jeopardizing Billions

In 2009, Hampton Roads, Virginia was the point of embarkation for the majority of America's total coal exports. That means that more than half of what ODU estimates at around 97 million metric tons of coal passed through there.

Over 800 ships came just for coal, and took it to ports worldwide. Over 4,200 jobs (all over 400 miles from a Virginia coal mine) are filled to make that feat possible. Combined goods, services, and earnings from coal accounted for more than 1 Billion dollars in 2011. Every cent, second, and ounce of coal had to pass Virginian hands, at Virginian companies, manned by Virginians.

Those numbers are staggering. Coal mines in Southwest Virginia are not the only places that are affected by the EPA's new regulations; regulations that T-Mac must either not understand or the consequences of which he must be ignoring.

Terry wants to "expand exports to China", the same place that he went to buy his monstrosity of a car company. Might he owe a favor over there, perhaps? Terry, himself is no stranger to all of the lucrative gifts that a Governor can offer to his patrons. He goes over it thoroughly in his book. This is strange since China doesn't even fit in the top 12 of Virginia's already full bill of destination ports for coal. Terry's penchant for selling patronage and his love of the almighty dollar should be making Virginians nervous.

It's definitely a love/hate relationship if we are talking about any of his "businesses". Terry's forte is collecting money, like some enforcer from the Sopranos. He is far less comfortable in the business world; and for most of this election he has been trying to shoehorn himself into that identity but it just doesn't work.

Now, with his protection money, T-Mac has been paid to push coal out of Virginia; he doesn't understand that it affects more than coal miners. Thousands of workers will face unemployment, but that's just quid pro quo to Fast Terry.

VA GOP Caucus

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