Tuesday, October 22, 2013

House Dems' Little Leaguers Aren't "Taking Back" Anything

We have seen tweets, statuses, vines, messages, emails, smoke signals, and everything short of progress from Democrat House Leadership about "Taking back the House" this year. But in one of the most important areas to that end, Coach Sickles didn't even put real players on the field. From the ethically challenged to the Don Quixotes, in Hampton Roads the Dem's Little League Candidates are playing political tee-ball.

Up against Glenn Davis, ethically, Brent McKenzie shouldn't even be running. The premise of a legislative aide serving Fairfax basically abandoning his constituents for what he sees as greener pastures is...morally shaky to say the least. 

Not that Brent's chances are great to begin with. From police, to realtors, to firefighters, even the School Board that Davis and McKenzie served on together...they all chose Glenn. With only a handful of endorsements, there isn't a lot of excitement about Brett; and his top donors are Dem members (who are required to donate), unions, and Brent himself.

Bill Fleming is, in fact, his own top donor as well. He is running against Bill DeSteph. In addition to having to fund himself, Fleming suffers from image problems. When you can't even get the Virginian Pilot to say something nice about you as a Democrat, it may be time to re-assess. In their own words: 

"Fleming has shown no ability to lead on issues, to find common ground with people who disagree." And that's AFTER they call him a "Democrat gadfly". Even Bill Dale got the Pilot's endorsement.

Bill Dale may be the biggest non-starter of the year. Bill went off half-cocked so that he could run against Gary Byler. This would be the liberal crusade that Bill had been waiting to wage. Then Byler lost in the primary to Scott Taylor; and Bill got stuck tilting at wind mills, so to speak. 

When it comes to Virginians choice in how they are represented in the House, they have spoken. 

Coach, the only thing you're going to "take back" are the claims. 

VA GOP Caucus


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