Monday, October 14, 2013

Dem Candidate Caught in "Pay-to-Play" Tantrums

There have been an alarming number of reports coming out of Prince William County of a particular Reed Heddleston attempting to strong-arm and threaten support out of the business and lobbying communities. Apparently, when phone calls go south with Reed, he goes nuclear on whomever happens to be on the other end, threatening to deep six the legislative priorities of any who get in his way.

You might remember a version of this trick from such greats as Heddleston's fellow Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, who attempted to sell then-Senator Obama's seat in Illinois.

Virginia Virtucon published a piece relating to this back in September, but there have been more reports of Heddleston basically threatening those who don't support his bid to replace Rich Anderson in the 51st. If you support Anderson,according to what I am hearing, you may as well pack it in, because once he moves in, you're basically 86'd from the Virginia legislature.

You're on your own if they do get elected and you weren't wearing your cheerleading outfit the whole time... Newsflash, guys. That is no way to run a government. Maybe you should look into cartels or organized crime if you're really attached to just threatening people who don't agree with you.

Heddleston has made it clear. If he makes it to Richmond, he will be leaving the pesky opinions of many of the people, and the business community on the other side of a burnt bridge. What a great way to govern...

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