Friday, October 11, 2013

Virginia Democrats, WAKE UP!

Babysitter wanted: to watch Male, mid-50's, has a problem with rum shots and the truth, needs to be changed regularly, but the smell never goes away. 

Seriously, intelligent Democrats of Virginia must be banging their heads against the wall over this one. I mean, a lot of Dems really didn't like McAuliffe to begin with; but when a reliably liberal newspaper can't even pretend that a candidate has've lost your way.

Virginia, if you have been waiting for a sign from God...well...the Washington Post has given you one. Today Laura Vozzella chose Terry

McAuliffe's delightful, if entirely fabricated stump speech of college money-saving and helping out poor nursing students has (shocker) been proven completely false. That is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Vozzella highlights what many of McAuliffe's critics have been saying for years. That the man is a slimy, lying, snake-oil selling, scamming, embellishing, say-anything, yes man for the Democratic Party and has painstakingly cultivated the scent of bullshit around him.

Why let a silly little thing like facts get in the way of your reward for a lifetime of ignoring them in the name of money? 

Virginia, after the last few days, honestly if this has not convinced you that Fast Terry's bait-and-switch game is real, then I have some land that I want to sell you in Florida. THE WASHINGTON FREAKING POST, PEOPLE! 

The story actually contains only a few quotations from the characters of Terry's story; they didn't seem to want to be associated with the esteemed candidate. Even Josh Schwerin, McAuliffe's mouthpiece to the Post in nearly all matters, was forced into a full acknowledgement of Terry's factually-challenged antics.

VA GOP Caucus

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