Thursday, May 9, 2013

For McAuliffe, "Creating Jobs" Highly Resembles Doing Nothing

A recent Washington Post article exhorts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for his “wasting no time” in getting jobs down to Southside Virginia. That part of the state has been particularly hard hit in the economic crisis, and McAuliffe touted a plan to build a wood-fired power plant there, on the site of a closed International Paper mill. 

What a great idea! When did this idea come to light? When can we expect the results?

Terry made this claim after he lost his last race for Virginia Governor, in…2009. This smells a lot like his inflated claims of business expertise at his disaster of a green car company that has yet to post any semblance of a record of success. Terry is trying to pass off what amounts to a speech, a letter of intent, and a lease on a depot as job creation. Since 2009.

Photo courtesy of Reuters. 

Do not let this smiling generic suit of inexperienced anonymity try to use Southside Virginia as some kind of sick bargaining chip to prove talent that he does not have and progress that he has not made. Terry’s got Virginia businesses and jobs at heart? That’s a good one.

McAuliffe’s Greentech, debacle that it is, does in fact employ some people. Even bringing that business to Virginia would be better than holding out a letter of intent. But Terry didn’t even do that much forVirginians; he sent those few jobs down to Mississippi despite an offer from the Commonwealth. This kind of greasy smoke and mirrors trick to make Virginians believe that Terry has a record of business success, or has our job market at heart are a transparent lie evident to even the most cursory reader.

Send McAuliffe packing back to some Democratic Committee to make these grand statements with no results. It’d be a far more appropriate stage than giving this dunce a key to the Governor’s Mansion.

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