Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This IRS Situation is like a B-List Horror Movie

The longer you look, the worse it gets. 

More and more information is coming to light regarding the IRS' unjust targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. At first it was thought that the 2012 Election season was the only time the government agency had committed this partisan iniquity. As if that wasn't bad enough, we are now learning that IRS officials knew about this, ostensibly, since 2010! And have flatly denied these same charges up until now.  

President Obama said that it would be "outrageous" for such an abuse of government power to take place. Outrageous enough that he made a joke about executing just this kind of stunt in a commencement speech in 2009? Is it just a coincidence that a government agency spent an election year stymieing growth of the President's enemies? 

This video does contain strong language. 

Will the jack-booted storm troopers come next? Democrats have been online all week trying to contain the damage that is, even now, being done to their reputation. And with good reason. Using the IRS to suppress free speech is a violation of every principle that America was founded on. 

This Wall Street Journal article details the criteria for the oppressive tactics that the IRS used. Groups whose mission statement included "make America a better place to live." or "Patriots" for example, were targeted for more red tape. 

What kind of black-hearted scoundrels actually love their country? Or want to make it a better place to live? It's just great to know that the good people collecting our taxes are out there fighting against that kind of dangerous thinking, huh? This stinks to high heaven like cheating, like 1984, like some plot you read about in a conspiracy novel. 

But it's real. It's happening right now and it has been happening for we-don't-know how long. Demand some accountability from your government for blatantly suppressing its people and lying about it. 

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